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Washington State Democrats Say Kindergartners Need Sex Education

The damage done by the results of the 2018 mid-term election has only just begun. We’ll be recovering for decades. You’ve probably seen some news about Virginia going after gun rights with reckless abandon. On the opposite side of the country, Washington state is insisting on teaching sex education to kindergartners. You might think this is an exaggeration or mistake, but it is a sad truth. The left needs to start their Hitler Youth programs at the youngest age possible. Here’s how they’re going about it. House Bill 2184 has been introduced to the Washington state legislature. If passed, it ...Continue reading

No Justice for Hillary Clinton or the FISA Court Abusers

Two new revelations from the Department of Justice should serve to prove that the DOJ, even under the leadership of Attorney General Bill Barr (or perhaps because of his leadership; time will tell), is incapable of investigating itself or holding itself accountable. One of those revelations has to do with Hillary Clinton, and the other is related to FISA abuse. In hopes that the public will quickly forget its malfeasance and move on, the DOJ made both of the announcements late on a Friday afternoon, to minimize the possibility of news coverage. First, FBI Director Christopher Wray has announced the ...Continue reading

Liberal Media Tries to Smear Virginians Protesting Democrat’s Gun-Grab

Thousands of patriotic gun rights activists marched on Virginia’s capitol in Constitutionally-protected peaceful protest despite Democrat’s and the fake news media’s smear tactics. Democrat Gov. Ralph Northam has been pushing extremist gun-grab laws under the phony propaganda that he and his liberal majority legislature are trying to curb shootings through “gun control.” The truth is that Gov. Northam wants to strip honest, law-abiding Virginians of the Second Amendment rights. In response, a reported 85 counties have declared they are Second Amendment sanctuaries, and numerous cities and towns have also drawn such lines in the sand. Gov. Northam, in an attempt ...Continue reading

Joe Biden Reverses Stance on Impeachment

Let’s face it. Impeachment is going to be the talk of the town until the Senate finally reveals their verdict. After that, everyone except MSNBC and CNN will move on. That’s when they’ll unveil their 24-hour cycle covering how Russian bots trolled the Republicans into voting a certain way on impeachment, or whatever. Since we’re all here anyway, we might as well make the most of the circus. One fun past time is to count all of the ways Democrats completely contradict themselves in the fury of their Trump Derangement Syndrome. Today, we’ll start with Joe Biden. The Ancient History ...Continue reading

Deadbeat AOC: Congresswoman REFUSES to Pay Her Democrat Party Dues

It seems like you’ve heard a little less from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez lately. She still runs her mouth and her Twitter with complete stupidity, but smarter members of the Democratic Party are trying to pretend like she doesn’t exist. They have real problems on their hands, and so Ocasio-Cortez has appeared to be slightly diminished. In that newfound shadow, she is trying to get away with some dirty politics. Refusing to pay dues to the DNC isn’t exactly corrupt, but it’s awfully hypocritical of her since she has made a name for herself accusing corporations like Amazon, and the rich of ...Continue reading

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