BLM Rakes in Millions in Corporate Donations

Black Lives Matter claims to be a social justice movement, but their founder’s actions show they are more of a political, left-wing organization. I mean what have they done for blacks in America so far?  The BLM protests and riots have been insane and dangerous. Support for the organization dropped dramatically from over 55% immediately after the death of George Floyd to under 40% now because of their looting, continued rioting and property destruction. Still the organization gets constant praise from the left-stream media.

When you’re a media darling like BLM is, the media go out of their way to hide any damaging information. They actively conceal news from the American people.  Everyone needs to know exactly what this organization is and what they’re trying to do so they can judge this organizations true motives for themselves

BLM was founded by three women: Opal Tometi, Alicia Garza and Patrisse Cullors. Each is more extreme and deranged than the next. Opal is a student of liberation theology and studied under Stuart Hall. He’s an infamous radical Marxist who pushed for the downfall of western society. Opal has never shied from showing her affinity for Marxist teachings. She has even openly praised Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro, after he starved millions of his own people.

Alicia Garza is an openly radical Marxist. According to an interview she gave, she and the other two are “trained Marxists”. The whole reason for BLM is to push that Marxist radicalism, rather than do anything for black people in America. Only the abolition of western society will suffice.

Then we get to Patrisse Cullors. She’s a witch. That’s not a metaphor. She’s an actual praying-to-mother-earth-spirits witch. She regularly participates in rituals to try to call the spirits of the dead to fuel the movement. She has even claimed to get to know spirits of the dead long after their passing.

If only this was a weird joke . . .


Considering the founders, it shouldn’t surprise you that BLM is a radical movement. It’s not about black lives. It’s not even about police brutality. According to the organization charter, their goals are to instill Marxism and bring down western civilization. They want to annihilate the concept of the nuclear family, release all prisoners and abolish all police. None of which have anything to do with raising up black people.

The goal of BLM is the destruction of America.

So, we have a radical movement, founded by radical witches. They have publicly announced their goals to destroy America. You might think that would make major companies shy away from support. Quite the opposite is true. Here’s a shortlist of major donations:


  • Cisco–$5 million
  • Microsoft–$1.5 million
  • Amazon–a whopping $10 million
  • Gatorade–$500,000
  • DoorDash–$1,000,000
  • Intel–$1,000,000
  • Airbnb–$500,000


This is far from being a complete list, but just with these few donors, you’re looking at $20 million given to an organization trying to overthrow our country. How is this acceptable?

The only way we’re going to defeat this resurgent Marxist movement is to shine a spotlight on it. It means we have to risk life and limb to film these monsters starting fires, beating people in the streets and trying to murder anyone in their way. It means we have to get the word out and show as many people as possible in this country what BLM is really trying to do. The American people will not stand for a Marxist revolution. Our job is to make them realize that this is in fact the situation.

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