California Passes Law to Keep Trump Off 2020 Ballot

As 2020 looms closer, you can expect the left to get more vicious. It’s inevitable, and it’s extremely predictable. The smear campaigns are going to hit a higher gear than we’ve ever seen. The radicalism is going to grow. Antifa violence will worsen. We’re in for a rough ride.

Not to be left behind, the legislature of California has just passed a new law that is wildly aggressive in its attempts to sway next year’s election. The law is completely biased and illegal, and yet it’s here all the same. Let’s review it to get the first taste of what our country is facing in this next election cycle.

California’s Latest Scheme

California has passed legislation that has some pretty specific stuff in it. Any presidential candidate must release the previous five years’ tax returns to the public. If they do not, their names will not appear on the primary ballot. There are a few things to note about the specific aspects of this new law.

First, it only applies to one federally elected position. Representatives and Senators are conspicuously absent from the law. That makes it pretty clear that this isn’t about transparency or protecting voters. It’s about attacking President Trump.

The second thing to note is that it affects the primary ballot, rather than the main election. This is also strategic. The hope is since it isn’t the main election they can avoid losing in the court of public opinion. We’ll talk about how this impacts the legality of the law in a minute, but targeting the primary is more strategic than you might suspect.

Lastly, this law only requires the release of very recent tax returns. If it was about transparency, we might want to scrutinize older receipts from candidates. After all, a lot of people get into politics at an older age, and only looking at five years could shield shady deals that were made long ago.

The reason this is targeting the most recent tax returns is pretty obvious. President Trump is still being audited by the IRS. Considering the scope of his business dealings, you can expect that audit to take a very long time.

Since an audit is technically a federal investigation, it’s illegal to make details of the investigation public. It’s literally against the law for President Trump to comply with California’s new law. That’s not an accident.

Before we get into the deeper motivations behind this move, we should discuss the legality of the law. Targeting primaries may have kept it from a lot of public scrutiny, but it was still immediately challenged, and not just by Republicans.

A case is being made to try and strike the law down in federal court. It will take some time, but the first rulings should be in place before California’s primary.

Constitutionally, this is clearly an unacceptable law. The founding document makes it clear that state legislations cannot add extra requirements for the qualifications of a running president. If they could, then a state could effectively remove any candidate they didn’t like from the ballots. This isn’t the only argument against the law, but it’s the most obvious.

The problem is that it might not matter. Since it’s a California law, it’s going to be challenged in extremely liberal federal courts first. If it goes to a judge who values party over country (which is a lot of federal judges in CA), then the law could be upheld. Getting an appeal before the primary would be tough.

We can reasonably assume that the Supreme Court would be willing to hear this case and kill this law, but how long would it take to get there? That’s the crux of the issue.

The Ulterior Motive

The ultimate goal of this law is to keep Donald Trump’s name off of the primary ballot. That doesn’t matter for the reasons you might think. President Trump does not need to primary in California to get the Republican nomination. He also doesn’t necessarily need to primary in California to be in their general election.

The real goal here is to depress Republican turnout. You see, California primaries are different from most states. They just have one big, messy primary. Every candidate from every party for every position is up in the same voting bloc. The top two candidates, regardless of party, then go on to the general election.

This change was instituted in 2010, and it’s very much intended to keep Republican names off of ballots in November. And, it’s worked. If you look, California has shifted far to the left since the primaries changed. The hope is that if President Trump isn’t on the primary ballot next year, his base won’t have enthusiastic turnout, and the state can prevent a bunch of Republicans from making it to the general election.

That’s what is really happening here. California has been running dirty elections for a long time, and they’re only get dirtier. Now, they’re rewriting the conditions to run for president (in contrast with the Constitution) to try and convince Republicans not to vote.

It’s an admittedly clever attempt at voter suppression, but the California Democrats are not interested in free and fair elections. They never were.

It can’t be said often or loud enough. All that matters to them is power, and they’ll do anything in pursuit of it. This is why we can never cede any ground to the left. They’ll use it to further corrupt our elections so they can grab even more power. It’s disgusting. It’s frightening, and it’s the greatest threat to our country’s future.


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