China Accused of Paying Off American Media to Cover Up Genocide

A Republican Congressman on the House Armed Services Committee says that some of the biggest remaining fake newspapers in America are being propped up by cash from Communist China. Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN) accuses the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post and other papers of participating in a cover-up of the ongoing genocide taking place in China. It turns out that these fake news outlets have been paid millions of dollars by the Chinese government to run propaganda disguised as news articles.

The main propaganda mouthpiece for the communist regime in China is called “China Daily.” It’s sort of like a newspaper, except every article that appears in it was written by a government employee and approved by Communist Party leaders. It’s like the exact opposite of a free press. China Daily has been operating openly in America since 1983.

Because it is a known Chinese propaganda outlet, it is required to register with the Department of Justice under the Foreign Agent Registration Act (FARA). From 1983 until 2012, China Daily never registered under FARA.

You might remember that failing to fill out his FARA paperwork is why former Trump campaign official Paul Manafort is currently spending the rest of his life in prison. But for the Communist Chinese government employees at China Daily, it’s no big deal in Washington. Nobody is coming to arrest them.

China Daily did finally register under FARA in 2012, but it is still being deceptive in its FARA filings, according to a report in the Washington Free Beacon. China Daily has been spending millions of dollars to “purchase ads” in the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times and other newspapers. But here’s the problem.

The “ads” that China Daily always places in these US newspapers don’t look like advertisements or commercials. They look exactly like news articles and they are presented as if they were written by some New York Times staffer toiling away on a word processor. Nothing posted on those ads in the American newspapers identifies them as paid advertising. And in every single case, the articles portray the Communist Party in China as benevolent rulers and downplay the atrocities and political violence being committed by them. They’re often printed in the newspapers under the banner “China Watch.”

According to these propaganda articles, the commie government in China isn’t harvesting organs from people in concentration camps. And while we’re on the subject, there aren’t any concentration camps! They’re just summer camps to teach new life skills to people! And the benevolent Chinese government is certainly not shooting or brutalizing any of the Hong Kong pro-democracy protesters.

Those are all propaganda lies from the Chinese government, of course. And American newspapers are taking cash from the regime in order to run those as if they’re real news stories. In 2018, the Chinese government wired $11.8 million directly to China Daily’s operations office in the US, to purchase “ads” in American newspapers.

The Washington Free Beacon found that China Daily had purchased thousands of “ads” dressed up as news stories in American papers in recent years. Here’s how the numbers stack up.

The king of online Chinese fake news is, surprisingly, the used-to-be-conservative Wall Street Journal. China Daily placed 500 “ads” there that the Free Beacon found. The New York Times was a distant second, with over 200 Chinese propaganda articles published on its website.

Print editions are even worse. Jeff Bezos’ blog – the Washington Post – has run 400 fake print ads from the ChiComs in the last year. The Wall Street Journal has run more than 100, and the New York Times and the Financial Times have each run several dozen “China Watch” propaganda pieces. President Trump noted that the Des Moines Register was running China Daily’s propaganda as well.

The Washington Post hilariously insists that these are “ads,” even though nothing would indicate that to its readers. A recent China Daily “ad” in the Post claimed China’s awesome and kind economic policies are bringing peace and harmony to the Buddhists and Catholics in Tibet, ignoring China’s brutal repression of Tibet which has been going on since the 1950s.

The fake news media in America just keeps getting faker. It’s truly pathetic that they’re operating as mouthpieces for the commie regime in China. But if Paul Manafort is supposed to die in prison for failing to fill out his FARA paperwork, why is China Daily getting a free pass from the Department of Justice?

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