Election 2020: Georgia Runoff Elections Decide Fate of Senate & Country

With Democrats poised to take the White House and maintain a majority in the U.S. House of Representatives, Georgia’s imminent runoff Senate elections could prove disastrous for working families.

Not since Obama’s first two years in office have Democrats held carte blanche power, meaning having a majority in both Houses of Congress and occupying the White House, to push through unchecked legislation such as the “Unaffordable Care Act” and DACA.

What’s most troubling is that Republicans can lose their majority in the Senate still. Republicans currently hold 50 seats in the Senate (this includes the Alaska race not yet called), and Democrats increased their seats to 48.  There are 2 seats still up for grabs in Georgia. If Democrats win them both, Vice President Kamala Harris will be the tie-breaker vote.

The two Senate seats in Georgia did not meet the required 50% majority to be declared winners so now both elections will head to runoffs in January.

Georgia has what is referred to as a jungle election. That means victors must get 50% of votes to be declared the winner. If a Republican candidate gets 49% of the vote and a Democrat gets 39% and the rest of the 12% goes to other candidates it means no one is declared the winner and the top two candidates that got the most votes will go to a runoff election, whoever gets the most votes in that race will win the seat. This is exactly what happened in both of Georgia’s Senate seat races.

Republican David Perdue reached 49.7 percent over Democrat Jon Ossoff who took home 47.9 percent, and Libertarian Shane Hazel secured 2.3 percent.

In the other race, Democrat Raphael Warnock leads GOP incumbent Sen. Kelly Loeffler 32.9 to 25.9 percent. Republican Rep. Doug Collins earned 20 percent, and a long list of single-digit vote-getters mean this race too will head to a runoff in January with Warnock and Loffler on the ballot.


“If we don’t win on January 5th, Chuck Schumer, Bernie Sanders, and Elizabeth Warren will gain control of the Senate and be able to fast-track their radical socialist agenda,” Sen. Loeffler tweeted. “America simply can’t afford to let that happen.”

The fate of the nation is in peril because, should Democrats grab 50 seats in the Senate with Vice President Kamala Harris as a tie-breaker, the radical left would run roughshod over the needs of working families. Liberals were afraid to vote in favor of the Green New Deal and socialism bills for fear of alienating voters before Election Day. They won’t hesitate to take the hard turn into third-world socialism any longer.

“It’s all on the line in Georgia. These two races will mean the difference between Democrats having free rein to destroy minority rights, pack the Supreme Court and create new states, versus a healthy check on their far-left agenda,” Senate Leadership Fund president Steven Law reportedly stated.

Although the fate of the next two years appears to come down to the Georgia runoff, the razor-thin margin in the Perdue-Ossoff race could be decided sooner. A recount is being ordered in Georgia that has the potential to push Perdue beyond the 50 percent margin needed to avoid a January re-vote. Widespread irregularities were reported in the Peach State, across the country, and every vote will be now be scrutinized.

All of the voter fraud allegations involved Republican votes being altered, discarded, and election software flipping thousands of GOP votes to Democrat. Late ballots in which President Donald Trump appeared to have a secure lead suspiciously flipped. A wide-range of lawsuits are pending regarding illegal ballots, and the U.S. Supreme Court has already ordered states such as Pennsylvania to separate ballots that came in well past poll closings. To protect the integrity of the Georgia runoff, Pres. Trump put Rep. Doug Collins in charge of Republican oversight.

“In order for Americans to have full faith and confidence in our elections, every legal vote must be counted, and every illegal or fraudulent vote must be excluded,” Collins said.

Democrats plan to pack the U.S. Supreme Court, pass the Green New Deal, ban fracking, raise taxes, seize lawfully-owned firearms, and flood the country with cheap foreign workers if they control both houses of Congress and the White House. GOP supporters CAN NOT let that agenda come to fruition.

9 thoughts on “Election 2020: Georgia Runoff Elections Decide Fate of Senate & Country”


    1. YES!!! Exactly!! Except the election needs to be held in ONE DAY!!! And results known by midnight of the same day they vote. There needs to be constant watch by both parties and at least 2 from each party at all times! We have learned one thing…we cannot trust the DEMS! They are the juvenile delinquents of the government. Rebels and sneaky liars.

  2. I think it is long past due to take Politicians control of Law Enforcement and Voting AWAY. Heck Everyone registered should go to Vote in Person with a Valid ID screened by LAW enforcement/ Voting computers , unless they have applied for a mail in Ballot at least 1 month in advance and returned it say 1 week before the election so a FRAUD screening can take place!! This insanity of ballots showing up a day late and ALL for one candidate only is completely FRAUDULENT! I real Sick and Tired of all this DISHONESTY in Congress particulary from the Pelosi demo RAT party. A plot to disenfranchise VOTERS FOR 4 years- NOW this 2020 Election FRAUD! I see Congress can Impeach A President with Criminal falsehoods created by and paid for by demo RATs. NO Crime was done by POTUS TRUMP, while the demos continue to Commit CRIMES of SEDITION !!

    1. It makes no since to me why they are allowed to do that to a sorting President with no proof and we can impeach a person who could care less about the country like Pelisi

  3. I think Pelosi and the rest of her Democrats need to go. Nancy Pelosi is the cause of the riots and wrong doings. The democrats are liars cheaters and corrupt. Our country deserves better than this. I am tired of the democrats getting away with their crimes.

  4. I don’t know about anyone else but I REFUSE TO LIVE UNDER SHARIA LAW!!! Biden and his cronies are planning to incorporate this in place of our Constitution??? This is NOT the Middle East! If these idiots win, we won’t have an America or the United States anymore! Why can’t you Demonrats followers see this??? That whole damn Party should be replaced. Besides, its NOT legal for any one Party to have total control of this Country! What the hell are they doing? Jihad or Genecide????? Anyone comes after me will be shot on sight!

  5. If President Trump cannot overturn “cheat by mail” and all the other disgusting frauds the America should be renamed Zombie Land – where even the dead vote

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