Elizabeth Warren’s VP Pick is…Hillary Clinton???

It appears as though Elizabeth Warren is leaning toward selecting Hillary Clinton as a running mate. Your eyes are not deceiving you. You really did read that right. Elizabeth Warren wants Hillary Clinton to be her Vice President.

The question begs: if Americans did not want Hillary Clinton to be president, why would they want her to be one step away from leading the free world as vice president?

The discussion around former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton possibly joining Warren’s campaign as VP is the result of a recent NBC News report. NBC insists Warren and Clinton have been covertly working with one another behind the scenes. Supposed insiders claim these talks have advanced to the point that they are likely to amount to Clinton getting the VP nod at some point in the near future.

This is not the first time we’ve heard of these two working together. Warren and Clinton were rumored to be a potential political ticket for years. Clinton allegedly courted Warren to work on her campaign in the last presidential election.

In the 2016 election Clinton ended up selecting Tim Kaine instead of Warren for the role of VP. However, Warren stated earlier this year that she would have gladly served as Clinton’s VP had she been asked. In other words, the selection of Clinton as Warren’s VP should not come as a surprise.

On the surface, the selection of Clinton as VP does not make much sense. After all, Clinton lost the last presidential election to Donald Trump. The American public is sick and tired of hearing about the morally bankrupt Clintons. However, there is a chance Warren can sell an all-female ticket as women’s revenge on Donald Trump.

The mainstream media has gone to great lengths to portray President Trump as a misogynist worthy of female ignominy. Though a Warren-Clinton ticket might win over some female voters, the stench surrounding the Clintons simply will not go away. Furthermore, even if Clinton were selected as Warren’s running mate, the pair would still have to win over male voters.

Polls show American men overwhelmingly supported Trump over Clinton in the 2106 presidential election. It is clear that men have no problem with Trump yet they certainly do not care for Clinton.

Let’s assume Warren is well aware of the fact that a considerable number of Americans will always detest the Clintons. Her logic in selecting Hillary as a running mate still makes some sense as Hillary is wealthy, politically connected and experienced. Selecting Clinton as VP would help garner support from beltway power brokers, especially those with strong relationships with wealthy donors.

In the end, Warren’s running mate decision really might come down to which potential partner can raise as much soft money as possible. As we all know, there is no one better connected in DC and other powerful circles than Hillary Clinton.

Supporters of Hillary Clinton are unwavering as they insist Clinton’s margin of victory in the nationwide popular vote is evidence of her merit as a politician. However, Clinton’s supporters are in all the wrong locations. The bottom line is the 2020 election is likely to come down to the electoral college just like the 2016 election.

A Warren-Clinton ticket will not be able to carry the swing states in the south and Midwest. Everyone knows the coastal states will be blue yet it is the center and southern portions of the country that will ultimately decide the election. Clinton failed to carry the swing states in the last election so why would she be able to carry them in 2020 as a VP?

Though Clinton’s centrism would help a far-left candidate like Warren present a more balanced ticket, the bottom line is the addition of Clinton is likely to lead to a repeat of the 2016 election. Warren would likely carry the traditional blue states along the east and west coasts while Trump rides the southern and Midwestern swing states to a second term in the oval office.

It is quite possible a Warren-Clinton ticket would lead to another election in which the democrats win the popular vote yet lose the all-important electoral college. This is precisely why we should be rooting for Warren to win the nomination and select Clinton as her running mate.

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