Great Job Debunking That QAnon Conspiracy with the Help of Netflix, MSM!

The verdict is in: If you are the least bit disturbed by the latest child exploitation stunt of Netflix, you must be a crazy QAnon supporter who should be shunned by the rest of civilization. That’s according to media outlet Vox. Meanwhile, Members of Congress are demanding that the Department of Justice investigate Netflix. Normal people don’t need those complexities, though. An investigation? Nah. Knowing what Netflix did, we’re ready to skip ahead to the retribution part.

If you’ve somehow missed the crime that Netflix committed, here it is. Netflix published a French film that was directed by a childless feminist. The movie is called “Cuties.”

The movie features 10- and 11-year-old girls who dress up like strippers and perform sexualized dances. According to people who have seen it, the camera longingly zooms in on the girls’ crotches as they touch themselves. In one scene, a child pulls down her pants, takes a picture of her privates with a smartphone and uploads it to the internet.

It’s straight-up child pornography. The only intended audience that would want to watch the sexualization of these children is creepy pedophiles. That’s it. That’s the whole purpose of the film.


The outrage against the film from normal people has been near-universal. This isn’t a partisan issue. But the mainstream media jumped all over it and tried to act as if this is just those blue-nosed puritanical Republicans spouting off again because they want to take away a woman’s “right to choose.”

This is a bald-faced lie from the media, which honestly doesn’t surprise us. But it is fascinating that the media and the leaders of the Democrat Party have decided that child rape and exploitation is a hill they are willing to die defending.

Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) was one of the first Members of Congress to condemn the Netflix film as “child porn.” So did Nancy Pelosi’s daughter, to her credit; she says she used to prosecute the sorts of people that “Cuties” appeals to.

Senators Ted Cruz (R-TX), Tom Cotton (R-AR) and others are calling on the Department of Justice to conduct a full-scale investigation to determine whether Netflix has violated federal laws related to distribution of child pornography. Much like CNN and Joe Biden, the Department of Justice hasn’t said anything about it so far.

Just as a reminder, when Bubba Wallace claimed that a “noose” was hanging in his garage, the Department of Justice scrambled 15 FBI agents that same day to Talladega to investigate an obviously fake, Jussie Smollett-style hate hoax. But when millions of Americans are calling for Netflix to be dragged out into the desert by a biker gang armed with hammers and a chainsaw, we’re hearing crickets from the DOJ.

Huh. It’s almost like that whole QAnon conspiracy about a global cabal of pedophiles running Hollywood and the Deep State has a grain of truth to it!

Since the Netflix crime occurred (I refuse to call it a “scandal” or a “controversy;” it was a crime), CNN has interviewed the CEO of Netflix twice and never mentioned the film “Cuties.” Ask yourself why Brian Stelter, better known as “Tater” to conservatives who peruse Twitter, would not mention the biggest outrage in the country right now when he has the head of Netflix on his show.

Why are so many mainstream media outlets trying to defuse the Netflix situation by comparing it to the QAnon conspiracy theory, or not mentioning the story at all? Why hasn’t Joe Biden criticized Netflix for this horrific crime against children? Well, we know the answer to that one. His buddies Barack and Michelle are being paid millions of dollars to “develop programming” on Netflix. Hey, I wonder if Barack and Michelle gave any input on “Cuties” during board meetings with Netflix execs? Someone should ask them.

This isn’t a partisan issue to normal people, but the media immediately jumped in and attacked the conservatives who were criticizing Netflix. “Those Christian cranks just don’t understand ART!”

The media and the Democrat Party could have criticized Netflix for airing child porn, but they didn’t. That wouldn’t have damaged their reputation in any way, shape or form. In fact, condemning child exploitation would have improved the Democrats’ tarnished brand considerably, considering the summer they’ve just had. But instead, they’re taking the side of pedophilia. Someone should really ask them why.

27 thoughts on “Great Job Debunking That QAnon Conspiracy with the Help of Netflix, MSM!”

  1. I would cancel Netflix if I could, but I receive my movies
    in the mail as I don’t stream. Still, I am thinking of canceling my service with them. This movie is totally disgusting.

  2. Such a movie (in every sense of the word!) is an insult and disgrace to the entire movie establishment. How in the sweet name of Heaven could such a movie even be thought of, much less actually produced?!?! And how in the sweet name of Heaven could ANY mother worth her salt permit her daughter to be exhibited in such an ugly flick???

    1. The answer to your question is some parents try to relive their desires through their children, also not to mention the possibility of how much Netflix is paying them to exploit how far they can go with it in the name of profit, one would tend to believe it’s not true that they wouldn’t that low, I believe Netflix should be investigated because they have already exploited these children, made the movie, and aired it on TV to the public. It’s wrong what they’ve done,

  3. I cancelled our Netflix account! So sick of all the trash being put out by liberals, left democrats! Sad no real talent or writers anymore.. or the good ones cannot get a movie job! TV reality shows are bad enough.. where are people’s brains any more!

  4. Just goes to show you what a bunch of perverts the Hollywood elites and Democrats are that they would think such trash is permissible involving our young children.Evidently they accept child pornography and child abuse.They are evil and disgusting.

  5. This is Child abuse. Those little girls have no idea what they are portraying. Dancing is wonderful, and should be kept a fine art. This is trashy, filthy conduct guided by twisted Adults,.bringing Shame to these innocent children, for the adults sick gradifacion. There should be a Law against these sickos.A 100 years in jail to start with.,

  6. I have cancelled my Netflix subscription. I am not surprised at this movie, the left has been trying to removedecent morals for a long time so the family is destroyed.

  7. I can’t believe that this is even playing since the last time I was aware I thought such things are illegal and those dems must be pedophiles for sure disgusting

  8. I cancelled my subscription to Netflix when they put lying Susan Rice on their Board of Directors…OR, I would certainly be cancelling it now. Netflix, Disney (so sad to say goodbye to adorable animals and characters as portrayed by the original Disney) as compared to the politicization of today’s Disney and Netflix projects. I wouldn’t support any Netflix or Disney..

  9. Netflix may need to be INVESTIGATED on FEDERAL and LOCAL CHARGES, and even SHUT DOWN if necessary. The Time for PROSECUTION is NOW. One Hopeful Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  10. Netflix may need to be INVESTIGATED on FEDERAL and LOCAL CHARGES, all the proceeds from the movie should be redirected to abused and trafficked children.

  11. It is really sad that Hollywood can make money off of a show like this. Pedophiles have been running Hollywood for a long time. It’s sad that Netflix could display such a show. It’s funny that it’s Hollywood that backs the liberal movement. Stacy keach, Epstein, Weinstein,etc. I’m sure there is more they just haven’t got caught.

  12. Interview the parents! Where are the Obama’s girls? Are they next on the stage? And, do the creators of this flix have children, or are they childless? The girl/actors look like they are playing “dress-Up”. Such a silly-concept. Bad message. Netflix should “remove-it”. Porn should stay in Porn , not seep into daily life!

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