Homelessness in California is SO BAD, Medieval Diseases are Coming Back

With the exception of the wealthy, Californians are languishing under constant Democrat leadership—one that keeps moving farther and farther to the left. Not only does the Golden State have the greatest wealth gap in the union- with the possible exception of New York City- and one of the highest homeless rates, but the unsanitary conditions on the streets are allowing medieval diseases like tuberculosis and typhus to make a comeback.

The rising cost of living in California coupled with a host of socialist policies is driving more and more people to set up home along the streets. Many who cannot afford rising property taxes are moving to Nevada, Arizona, and Texas. Those who are less fortunate, often find themselves in growing tent cities filled with disease and vermin.

The growing acceptance of the pretense of homeless communities is causing massive disease outbreaks in tent cities. With hypodermic needles, feces, and rats common features of the streets of LA and San Francisco, the stage is set for disease-carrying illegal immigrants to pose a serious health hazard.

In Los Angeles, officials closed down sections of City Hall after a rat infestation overran government official’s offices and began attacking people in the building.

Hepatitis A, which is commonly spread through feces has infected over 1,000 California residents over the last two years. Ohio, New Mexico, and Kentucky have also seen a rise in Hepatitis A infections. All of these states have permissive laws allowing homeless drug addicts to shoot methadone on the street.

Frequently, drug addicts use the cover of methadone as a way to use other drugs in public- and disease is an immediate consequence. Public officials in these areas are calling it a health crisis.

California Governor Gavin Newsom, told a San Diego news team, “Our homeless crisis is increasingly becoming a public-health crisis. Typhus, a medieval disease, is becoming a serious concern in our state.”

Well, Gavin, we hate to say we told you so. But that’s what happens when you over-regulate industry, raise taxes through the roof and refuse to police the community.

In California’s moist and warm climate, diseases spread quickly and easily. And if the existing unsanitary conditions were not enough, the state’s celebrity treatment of illegal immigrants is exacerbating the situation. A physician with St. John’s Child & Family Center, Glenn Lopez says, “The hygiene situation is horrendous. It becomes like a third world environment, where human feces contaminate areas where people are eating and sleeping.”

Now, experts have confirmed that migrants carrying disease are putting numerous major US cities at an elevated risk for many diseases thought to have been long gone. Now, with the health care system teetering on collapse, epidemiologists are saying that the coming summer could see an outbreak of malaria, a disease typically only affecting third world countries.

In February, a team of researchers working to combat epidemics in South America wrote a paper published in The Lancet, which said, “These diseases have already extended into neighboring Brazil and Colombia, and with increasing air travel and human migration, most of the Latin American and Caribbean region (as well as some US cities hosting the Venezuelan diaspora, including Miami and Houston) is at heightened risk for disease re-emergence.”

They warn that the significant gains in health care outcomes of the last 18 years could be completely undone if these medieval diseases are allowed to spread unchecked.

The lead author of the paper is calling for worldwide action. He said, “The re-emergence of diseases such as malaria in Venezuela has set in place an epidemic of unprecedented proportions, not only in the country, but across the whole region.”

He goes on to warn that the United States is courting a health crisis of its own if it does not take the epidemics growing south of the border seriously. All the while, Democrats are doing everything in their power to make it easier for South American immigrants to move northward across the border.

You can be sure that the people in charge of places like southern California have advisors who tell them that setting up sanctuary cities is a sure way to invite unchecked medieval diseases. This is one of the primary reasons to have border security- to check those who would visit the United States or seek citizenship are not bringing with them diseases that would burden our health care system.

Sadly, Democrats are more interested in immigrant votes than they are in the health of American citizens.

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