House Passes Damning Equality Act; GOP Promises Court Fight If It Becomes Law

The House passed the Equality Act this week, adding numerous changes to the Civil Rights Acts that will apply to LGBT people. The bill passed in a 224-206 vote, with the support of all Democrats and three Republicans.

The Equality Act has been touted by the left as an effort to provide additional protections to those in the LGBT community, but conservatives have pointed out the damage the bill will bring to many areas of American life. Texas Representative Chip Roy responded, “This body being led by Democrats is trampling the rights of the people in the name of ‘equality,’ in the false name of ‘equality,’” the Congressman stated outside the Capitol building.

“Our federalist system allows us to agree to disagree, and we should be able to do that. But if this Democratic Congress, and if the Democratic leadership, and if this White House continues to trample the rights of the people of the United States, then it is they who will be destroying this Union.”

Roy added, “We are going to keep fighting it in the courts and beyond.” His words will likely be needed, as the bill now moves to the Senate where Vice President Kamala Harris could serve as the tiebreaking vote if Senators vote along party lines in a 50-50 split.


Many are unaware of what is included in the Equality Act. In short, it seeks to amend the Civil Rights Acts to “explicitly prevent discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.” In other words, all the protections provided to people of different races or ethnic groups would apply to those who identify as LGBT.

Family Research Council President Tony Perkins released a statement defining the issue from the perspective of conservative Americans: “We are witnessing the greatest assault on religious freedom, biological reality, and parental rights ever seen in the U.S. Congress. The sweeping Equality Act expands the definition of ‘public accommodation’ in many instances to include churches and schools — including religious schools. The bill redefines what it means to be ‘male and female.’ It politicizes medicine and forces doctors to violate their consciences. And it redefines religious freedom into something that would be unrecognizable to our Founding Fathers.”

While the most popular examples have noted male athletes participating in female sports (which would be legislated under this act), several other areas of concern exist. Males in female locker rooms, churches could be required to hire LGBT staff members, family owned businesses could be sued for not hiring someone due to transgenderism, and more.

Adoption agencies, small businesses that serve weddings and families, and numerous faith-based humanitarian organizations would all face new legislative realities due to the Equality Act. The legislation is not about equality, but rather forcing a leftist LGBT agenda on those who currently hold different values.

The Equality Act is not going away anytime soon. It has a very good chance at being passed in the Senate, and becoming law. It will then turn to the courts for a fight, entering new territory in the American battle for conservative values.

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72 thoughts on “House Passes Damning Equality Act; GOP Promises Court Fight If It Becomes Law”

  1. I don’t care if it is published. Altering one’s sex makes you less of a person than GOD meant for you to be. He doesn’t make mistakes!

      1. All I can say is what GOD’S WORD says: We must obey GOD rather than man. That means what GOD says, not man and thus: A FIGHT will be initiated, however it happens.

    1. That’s right Floyd, God says there is ” Man ” and there is ” Woman “. It is a sin against God to alter or change what he has created. Both men and women have genetic materials imposed on them that “can” make them think they should be the opposite gender they were given at birth. This happens to some but making physical changes to their body is very wrong in Gods eyes.

    2. AMEN, I know God never made anyone & then said oops I made a mistake. GOD DOESN’T MAKE MISTAKES WE DO!
      This whole Equality Act is one big MISTAKE – not a surprise it was thought up by DEMS.

      1. Let’s be clear : this is NOT a mistake!!!!!
        It is part of the communist agenda!!!!
        It is part of the “ fundamentally transforming America “ which means turning it into a marxists dictatorship !!!!!!
        We must call it as it is !!!!

        1. Exactly. Biden is an aberration to mankind, to the United States, to our democracy and freedoms. It has become imperative that we find a way to fight him and to remove him from office.

          Biden has deviated from moral rectitude, and his mental state is fit for an insane asylum. Only a madman would plan to destroy the United States and sell the crumbs to China, his partner in crime.

          Mildly stated, Biden was expelled from hell.
          We must expel him from the White House before it’s too late.

          1. Yvonne is correct that Biden & his little brown girl must be removed from office. I wonder where all the Lee Harvey Oswalds of the world are at when we need them. This is nothing a couple of well placed bullets could fix and send these two individuals straight to hell

      2. You hit it on the head Mad as Hell. This does not surprise me at all. The hole point for the Demnuts is to destroy our country. I hate to say this, but we have let them get away with whatever they want. Now we must pay the piper.

      3. Unfortunately the people who are in charge are making a lot of mistakes, God forgive them and make them see that they are wrong! ???

        1. Mistakes?????
          Jennifer, you must be such a kind and forgiving person !!!!
          That’s very nice of you, but when we’re dealing with Satan, I don’t think being nice and kind would
          make Satan turn into a nice and kind one too …
          These evil marxists are trying desperately to destroy our family, our faith, our way of life, our country, our history… and make us into a communist dictatorship!!!!
          Time to wake up and understand what’s going on
          Are we going to accept it, yes or no ????

    3. Your spot on. This Congress will force our hands to become criminals in the Country we were born in and love! There close to the point of finding out enough is enough already! There Satinist ways will not become the norm in this Country. What options do we have to stop this nonsense?

  2. This should actually be a crime. Considering that while allegedly giving so called rights to a selective few, all rights are removed from the majority! This is biased and discriminatory as well as disingenuous! Truly something to fear, due to the hidden agendas involved.

    1. These people need to get their heads examined before they choose this path. There is no going back. I have read where many have regretted gender change and it leads to depression and many other negative consequences.

      1. Sorry to hear about those people and what they are going through!!!
        BUT, in the same time I’m asking, where was their brain when they made the decision to go through all this nightmare to change from man to woman or vice versa ????
        Are they just a bunch of brainless sheeple????
        Then, those are the consequences!!!!
        At some point people MUST learn to use their own brain !!!!!!

  3. Democrats are ruining America. Pelosi led Liberals are tearing up the Constitution just as she did President Trumps State Of Union speech and she/they think this is good. They are on a path of taking our Constitutional Rights away, spending America into oblivion and working towards increasing their power to forward their destructive agenda. ?

    1. The so called democrats ( in reality, marxists) don’t care about ruining America… that’s their goal to begin with !!!
      Let’s not forget what Hussein O said : fundamentally
      transforming America!!!!!
      This is exactly their agenda … them turn it into a dictatorship so they could have power and control forever!! Just like president Xi in China ( for life)
      As long as we understand that, we would at least know what’s coming!!!!!

      1. This is truer than people will believe! This Congress has the Country terrified of hard working, religious, honest, polite Conservatives that were raised with strong morals! They are on their way to cancelling all Conservatives because were White Supremacist Cult followers, or something like that. When cancelled, if not missed doors will be kicked in for killing. You think it’s a joke? They are pushing us to either fight or be extinguished. They have no regard for Americans at all. This was a power grab to fundamentally change America and we can’t roll over, if we do, our children’s children will have no chance in America! They are destroying our Union, next will be our Country as they pick away at all of our beliefs and morals!! Nancy Pelosi should be arrested and jailed for taking over our Presidency and destroying our Country at warp speed!!

        1. As should Obama, Harris, Clinton’s, Bidens, and more, as Obama is running the white house, think about it.

    2. The so called democrats ( in reality, marxists) don’t care about ruining America… that’s their goal to begin with !!!
      Let’s not forget what Hussein O said : fundamentally
      transforming America!!!!!
      This is exactly their agenda … them turn it into a dictatorship so they could have power and control forever!! Just like president Xi in China ( for life)
      As long as we understand that, we would at least know what’s coming!!!!!

  4. In th effort to establish “equality” the left has again brought in a new form of inequality. I refer to women’s “rights” . The right to privacy, the right to participate in sports against other women, the right to be protected from predatory men. Case in point, a battered women’s shelter. Then there is the rights of parents being destroyed. Last but not least, the destruction if the first amendment regarding freedom of religion. No one should be discriminated against for any reason, but this bill is not the solution.

      1. Carlene, I totally agree with you!
        The problem is the Satan ( the marxists) have started to infiltrate our media, our government , our government, many decades ago … and we kept on fooling ourselves by thinking that we won the Cold War … well, here’s the result !!!!
        The marxists always said that America could only be destroyed “from within” !
        This is exactly what we’re witnessing today !!!

        Did we have enough???I don’t know !

    1. I doubt that they really care about some us arguing that “ this is not a solution “ !!!
      It’s their agenda, they have lots of brain dead sheeple
      supporting them ( and they bring even more from all over the world) so if we don’t like it … too bad !!!
      This is how a real dictatorship works and we’re almost there !!!!

  5. It seems that we have really gotten away from god, and good American values. I don’t feel that it is right that trans genderism is legal, and I feel anyone that wants to change their sex, should undergo a psych evaluation, and have to wait 5 years before the procedure is done. I also believe that gay rights bill needs a giant overhaul. that entire act is against god and should not be permitted, it says so in the bible, I understand how certain sexes can feel about each other, but both of these groups have literally crammed their way of life down our throats and sends a bad message to our children that it is ok to act this way, it should only be legal for tax, medical, and legal purposes only (such as wills and power of attorney) I do not like seeing on television commercials or programs where this is allowed.

    1. Totally agree with you!!

      But you see, that’s their goal !!!!
      Destroy family, the American values, culture, traditions, then, destroy religion , take God out of people’s lives and this way everyone will turn into some kind of “ cattle “ with a tag number hanging on our ear.
      Does it sound like Alvin Toffler’s book ( The future shock ) ???
      Very close !!!!!

  6. This “Equality Act” has nothing to do with actual equality, and everything to do with taking all rights away from Conservatives! It is pushing limitations to the opposite extreme, and is completely unnecessary since we already have the ERA in place!

  7. There is no such thing as a transgender person. God created male and female. The KJV Bible is God’s word which never changes, and God’s word is the truth. Since those who force their ridiculous beliefs on others and are allowed to protest and riot with nothing being done about the damage caused, our country is quickly deteriorating. All items in this proposed act are absurd and proof of the simple-minded people in our American society who wish to pass such legislation. Neither drug therapy nor surgery will change the biological sex of anyone. Our liberal society has completely gone off the deep end in attempting to enforce and legalize insane proposals such as the Equality Act, changing the availability of controlled substance drugs so everyone has free and open access to them, defunding law enforcement, granting citizenship to illegal aliens (not undocumented citizens), free college for all, treating our wonderful U.S. Military as second-class citizens, releasing criminals from jails and prisons to roam the streets, and other issues not listed. What has happened to the minds of the American people? Obviously, our liberal politicians are only concerned about themselves and fame, power, and control which they attempt to achieve. As the liberals have the privilege to speak their beliefs and ideas, so do the conservatives.

    1. Speak for yourself. Not all Americans believe this crap. Not all Americans condone the decisions of those in current power. If they are making mistakes let them. We know what is right and wrong. And its God not God. God has a plan and noone can stop it. I don’t care how many laws, executive orders are written, noone can outsmart or outclassed God. God will not be mocked.
      The only thing being accomplished here is proving to God who is not fit for the kingdom of God in heaven. The wicked may be loved by God but wickedness toward God is short lived. We all have to be accountable for what we do.

    2. amen we the people have to wake up to gods word ,we cannot let satan to have his way. we must must all come together against the EQUALITY BILL NOW . KEEP THIS GOING WE MUST BAND TOGETHER AND FIGHT FOR OUR FREEDOM JESUS IS THE ONLY WAY

  8. It is a sad day in American history when pass a bill that allows special rights to the mentally ill rather than trying to help them. These are very confused people that need help, just look at their suicide rate. All of them are on some sort of psych drugs. Their protection should be no different than anyone else. I do believe that eventually the American people are going to rebel unless they start following the constitution.

    1. The left( marxists) are not rational individuals!!
      Their desperation for power, control and $$$$ made them into Satan and as we know, Satan only knows how to destroy everything in sight !
      By implementing these so called “ laws”, the Satan party wants to create as many zombies as possible because brainless, confused zombies will be very easy manipulated!!!!!
      There you go !!!! This is what their plan is when they are talking about “ reset “ !!!!!
      Do we still have any doubts?????

  9. Photo at top of article shows someone holding a sign that says “Transgender rights are human trights” I would disagree. Just as in every other species on the face of the planet, humans have 2 sexes. The Male role in NATURE is to impregnate as many females as possible. The females role in NATURE is to get pregnant. This is NATURE’S way of insuring the PROPEGATION of the species. If we try to say transgenders, gays, transvestites etc , are normal. Then we are saying MOTHER NATURE is wrong….

    1. 10000% correct!!!!

      This craziness called “ transgenders” is nothing but an idea created by some mental deranged individuals (part of them the ones sounding the “ alarm” on planet’s overpopulation issue) which are trying to diminish / drastically reduce birth rate in the world.
      Evidently, all these zombies, going from female to male and back will never be able to procreate and the more… the better !!!!
      If their brain becomes all messed up in the process and also their body is being overwhelmed by hormonal changes… so what ???
      The Satan party needs as many zombies as possible!
      If so many real doctors keep on sounding the alarm about this issue … who cares ????( Facebook and Twitter will make sure to censor them ) !!!!

  10. We have a set of rights already, given by God and in our constitution. They apply equally to everyone. There is no need to amend anything. This is a way force acceptance into our society of behavior that is not normal and is dangerous. Our schools are already confusing our children about this. Government needs to quit making societal judgements and violating our rights. This is a direct assault on 1st amendment rights.

    1. My Goodness, people!!!!

      Are we still talking about our “ set of rights” given by God and our Constitution????
      Does it look like our government really cares about those ????
      Confusing the kids in school and messing up their brain is the goal of the government… besides brainwashing them into the “ climate change”BS and
      also the “ white privilege” BS … and many others.

      All we must do is to be aware of it and as parents
      do everything in our power to “ RESIST” !!!!!

      1. This whole mess involving general education of our children simply means we need Home Schooling more than ever. This includes religious as well as secular indoctrination. We still need public and religious education. But schools can not do it all. Wake up parents, grand parents; Teach at home by reinforcing school curriculum in your district. Do you even know what it is?
        Find out. You may be shocked at what is taught or worse what is not taught.

      2. How true. And since when do the rules get changed for such a small minority and their beliefs get shoved down the majority’s throat and we get made to feel guilty if we dare to disagree.

  11. Once again democrates show there lack of brain power ! There judgement calls are for there pockets , they absolutely don’t care about you . What have they done for Americans .

  12. It seems that what was described as being a normal male or female is no longer acceptable unless you identify in some other manner. If you are gay, trans or whatever it seems to be in fashion now. Do as you see fit, but there should not be laws suppressing or infringing on the rights of others or impacting the ways they conduct themselves in the future. Maybe I’m getting too old but I also don’t see killing babies and us paying for it as a right as suppoprted by the Democrats.

    1. Paul, Sir !!!

      The party of Satan doesn’t go by any “ decent rules” and definitely doesn’t care about our rights, or God, Constitution and rule of law !!!!

      And I don’t think you are probably too old to accept that killing babies and we paying for it must be a
      “ woman’s right” … right now even infanticide became
      a law …
      the reality is that our country is being pushed into self destructive mode and depending on how many of us would become aware of it and REJECT it … the Satan
      party will be successful or NOT !!!!!
      It remains to be seen!!!!

  13. Right is wrong, wrong is right. Up is down, down is up. Boys are girls, girls are boys. Smart is stupid, stupid is smart.

    1. Exactly right, Tom !!!!

      That’s the new “ Satan party” ( the democrats/ marxists/ communists party)

      That’s the simplest way of describing what’s going on!

      The question is, who is going to win ?
      The right or the wrong????
      I would even ask this a different way : God or Satan?

  14. God is the same yesterday, today and forever. Our laws have nothing to do with God’s laws. Their are wicked people explain to confused children. And there will always be wicked people. We don’t have to accept them into our homes. Yes, what they are doing is destroying America, but they, the wicked have been destroying America and the world for ever. Remember the flood of the world because of the wicked people. Next time it will be fire. Quit freaking out. We can’t stop Gods plans. Everyone will be required to accountability for what they do. All we can do is fight and push back, educate and dhsrr our values and beliefs. If we are rejected, their are terms like rebellion, foolishness, stubbornness, and the lack of that explains it. Actual the term Wickedness explains it all. Thats all we have have to explain to our children. Their are haves and have-nots in their world and wickedness and righteousness in ours. Simple.

    1. Completely agree with you, Kelly!!!

      I would only emphasize the last part of your comment:

      “Thats all we have to explain to our children. There are haves and have-nots in their world and wickedness and righteousness in ours. “

      The problem we have now is that not too many parents have explained that to their children and this is the reason why we have so many of the so called
      “millennials “ talking about “ embracing socialism “, like that’s the new paradise on Earth …

      Thank you, government indoctrination!!!
      Now we know why the government doesn’t like to support private schools and charter schools .

  15. F**k all ult left progressive radical ignorant DemonRATS who would gleefully destroy our God-blessed America…

    1. To SouthwesternBell :

      On my comment I put ???
      I don’t know how and why it got replaced by ????

      Something is definitely messed up here !!!

    2. Again back to your comment:

      This is the 4th time putting my comment:
      I used the flag and the thumbs up emoji!!!!
      How it got changed into ?? , I don’t understand!!!!

  16. Luke 17:
    “26 And as it was in the days of Noe, so shall it be also in the days of the Son of man.
    27 They did eat, they drank, they married wives, they were given in marriage, until the day that Noe entered into the ark, and the flood came, and destroyed them all.
    28 Likewise also as it was in the days of Lot; they did eat, they drank, they bought, they sold, they planted, they builded;
    29 But the same day that Lot went out of SODOM it rained fire and brimstone from heaven, and DESTROYED THEM ALL.”

    There’s a lot of scriptures that talk about how wicked “men-with-men” is. (or women with women) But it’s not even about what a horrible sin (a.k.a. abomination) homosexuality is. Homosexuality is just a symptom of the problem. It’s about rebellion against God. The wicked have no respect for God. They want to do whatever they want, regardless of what God said or what our laws say. They are selfish, self-centered cretins who don’t care who gets hurt. I have news for these barbarians- Galatians 6:7
    “Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.”

  17. Communism requires that everyone be “equal” (equally enslaved) while the “state” winds up owning and controlling everything. As in Animal Farm, “Everyone is equal, but some are more equal than others”

  18. The lunatics are running the asylum! This law is appeasing persons who are mentally unstable. Gender is a factor decided by DNA. With this same logic, we could claim the sun is actually the moon and that the sun revolves around the earth. It would make equal sense.

  19. The STATES have STATES’ rights . . . either Modify or NULLIFY it at the STATE level – LIKE IT or NOT! This is a HORRIBLE piece (of $&# !) of legislation that MUST be defeated. One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump And His Allies 2020 – MAGA (WE’RE NOT going away!).

  20. This is not a thing for government to decide. This is about the government interfering with private issues. The problem with this is there is no issue of equality it is an issue of seeking of approval. You can legislate this issue but you cannot legislate approval. This is just a way for someone to try to get a leg up. A way of using the law to gain a leg up. This will not change reality other than make it legal to distort reality. That is the goal here. To take everyone, and create a diversion that causes us to concentrate on something other than what is….. reality. In life there are always things that you wish were different. Pretending they are different does not make them different. Dealing with the hand you are given head on is what makes things better not avoiding reality. That’s why a drug addict or alcoholic has to admit that there is a problem. This “law” avoids the issue of equality and creates a weapon for a certain group to use in the courts. The only way there is a change is in the hearts of man. When it is no longer defensiveness on either side. Live the way you want but don’t expect me to give you special privileges because of it. And Vice Versa. Live and let live. This legislation just promotes dragging out this issue not resolving it.

  21. The democrats purport themselves to be the party of science. Yet, when medical examiners or archaeologists identify human remains, they do so as “male” or “female,” not “gender neutral” or “gender fluid” or any of the 500 other terms used by the left. “Science” indeed – if it were not so ridiculous and sad, it would be funny!

  22. In New Testament terminology, the word ‘metanoia’ is used to address the concept of repentance from sin. Technically, and etymologically, the word has the literal meaning of ‘beyond one’s mind’ signifying a condition, and consequently a process, that enables one to evaluate the validity of one’s own thoughts while seeking to obtain a rational and objective conclusion unclouded by one’s emotional biases or influences.

    To go ‘beyond one’s mind’ is to concede the fact that there could be an objective standard to which one’s personal feelings can be compared, evaluated and ultimately determined to be be valid or not. Most of us are not easily able to separate the ideas of personal culpability based on an objective standard from our own preferences and emotional proclivities. As Paul Simon stated in ‘The Boxer’: “A man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest”. We are faced with a vast majority of people ‘disregarding the rest’, not due to malicious intent, but due to being overwhelmed by external influences. We appear to be able to absorb only so much information before we simply say ‘enough is enough’. And we tend to defer to so-called experts when determining the definition of ‘enough’.

    COVID-19 has shown us that we can be pushed, cajoled, manipulated and compelled by government into conceding our Constitutional rights. This can be seen as being understandable in trying to avert any type of catastrophic outcome from the virus. But our Constitution does not give the Federal (or State) Government(s) the arbitrary power to deny us our Constitutional Rights, especially when such actions curtailing these rights have been shown to be less-than-successful in controlling a virus.

    This has been a digression from the subject. We, as individuals, are capable of changing our minds concerning just about anything. Where a scientific or biological fact challenges us, then we need not succumb to either the facts or our own preconceptions but need to assess the issue with reason and objectivity.

    If a male has apparently female perspectives, then he needs to address whether these are biological or creative in essence. It should be noted that Adam was created as a single entity and that Eve was created from a part of Adam as an answer to Adam and Eve being able to address the biological fact of male/female differentiation in the animals over whom both Adam (and Eve) were given charge.

    Too little has been addressed regarding the distinction of gender based on original intent as opposed to what we now observe concerning male/female perspectives. The farther we move from Original Intent, the less likely we are to understand the role we play as Wardens of this Planet Earth.

  23. Abortion, homosexuality, and gender reassignment are abominations to the Living God. His hammer of judgement is poised over this unrepentant and very wicked nation. Our once God-worshiping and God-blessed nation has gone astray, and it’s cup of wickedness is now filled to overflowing. Only God’s remnant of true believing Christians has prevented him from slamming down on America his hammer of truth, justice, and judgement. For the sake of his remnant and his plans for the resurgence of Christianity across this country and the world, God is preparing to soon deal in his own way with all the offensive sins and abominations that are polluting and misleading our planet. Get ready for action. Repent. Believe.

  24. I hold the Republicans totally responsible for this happening to our country. They let the Democrats walk all over them for years, decades, The Democrats use the law to win there plans for this country. What have the Republicans done to stop all this? “Nothing”. It may be to late for Trump to do anything to stop this now. He is only a man. He has a plan and pray that we have the time to fix the damage,that has been done to our country.

    1. Exactly right, LSK !!!!!!

      I’d been saying the same thing for years !!!!!
      Yes, what’s going on in our country now is 90%
      the Republican’s fault … the RINO’s as Romney,
      late McCain, McConnell, Paul Ryan, Cheney, Murkovski, Collins and all the rest of them who only cared about maintaining their comfortable lifetime positions in government… who cared about our Constitution, our freedom, our rights ?
      Every time there was a “ crisis “, the Republicans said, we must “ walk across the isle”, and compromise, “ for the good of the country “… meaning, we must accept whatever the democrats want us to do , never try to oppose them !!!

      So they did !!!!
      Everything against our Constitution, our rights, our freedom !!!!
      This is where we are now !!!
      Thank you , RINOs !!!!!

  25. I agree with everybody. The liberals are out to destroy us. I despise all of them. We lost a greatperson who wouldn’t bow down to the liberrals. As a business man he to advantage of ll the loop holes just like the liberals did. Why don’t the gop demand them to show theie tax statements?

    1. The answer to your question, James, would be, that
      the Republicans can’t and won’t ever dare to demand anything from the so called democrats ( in fact marxists) because they have no backbone,, and
      honestly I think they don’t give a damn about us, our
      rights, our way of life!!!!!
      Sad and disappointing but the reality!!!

  26. I stand for the LORD JESUS CHRIST and all the signs are right before our eyes. I have read the comments And I PRAISE GOD for all of you standing up for our SAVIOR as there is Man and there is Woman. There is no in between. JESUS is coming sooner than all these people that think they know everything, they are going to find out who is in CONTROL! GOD is good and loving and will save you from your sins if you ask faith believing and HE knows your heart if you mean it. Then you will be saved from going to hell. But believe me as good as our SAVIOR is and HE is!!! You will reject HIM two many times and mock HIM with this bill, HE DOES love everyone the same but HIS wrath will come down on this world one day and you can be assured HE will win and we as born again Christians will be with HIM in eternity. You can be there but you need to get your act together and ask for GOD’S forgiveness! We as Christians, let’s join together and pray in the name of JESUS!!! GOD BLESS EVERYONE AND MAY GOD KEEP YOU SAFE IN HIS ARMS!!!

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