How House Republicans Could Win a Crushing Victory in 2020

House Republicans are worried that they’re headed for an electoral wipeout in 2020. The GOP has 18 incumbents retiring from the House after 2020, so the party leaders are worried that those “open seats” will be easy picking for the Democrats. (Four GOP Senators are retiring as well, but those seats are all in deep red states.) House Republicans are specifically worried that they will lose the votes of suburban white women.

Here’s a crazy thought that occurred after watching President Trump’s actions closely for the past several years: How about showing those suburban white women voters that you actually care about issues that are important to them? Nothing could show the women voters of America that the GOP really cares about them more than tackling something that’s a threat to women: transgenders.

The program ‘Saturday Night Live’ has been practically unwatchable for more than a decade now, but every once in a while, the show accidentally slips and cracks a joke that is both funny and true. In November of 2016, the Weekend Update anchor stated, “The dating app Tinder announced a new feature which gives users 37 gender identity options. It’s called, ‘Why the Democrats lost the election.’”

Now that’s funny! And it’s also at least partially true. While virtually everyone in American society is repulsed by transgender dudes, women share a particular biological loathing for these individuals and the threat they represent to children. The fact that colleges, professional sports, elementary schools and society itself is shoving women and girls aside to appease this new group is a hot-button issue.

Some Canadian dude just won the Women’s World Cycling Championship… for the second year in a row. A dude from New Zealand just won two gold medals in women’s weightlifting at the Pacific Games. A dude became the NCAA Division II 400-meter women’s sprint champion last week. In Connecticut, a dude won the girls’ 200-meter state championship sprinting event. In Montana, a dude just won the women’s Montana Invitational cross-country meet. In the UK, a hulking, 6-foot-tall, 250-pound dude who now calls himself “Kelly Morgan” is being celebrated for beating the holy living tar out of all the little female rugby players in the country and in several cases, causing crippling injuries against the girls.

Apologists for these men who identify as females who are crushing girls’ sports will insist that they’ve taken hormone replacement therapy for at least a year before being allowed to compete against girls. But hormones don’t change their greater muscle mass, larger bone structures, larger lung capacity and other features that give them a decided physical edge over girls.

These dudes are worse than Pocahontas Warren. The 2020 presidential candidate only stole a job from a single minority woman by pretending to be something she wasn’t. Trans dudes steal an opportunity from every single girl they compete against. Women aren’t happy about this, so get going, GOP.

Support and champion a bill that simply bans anyone with XY chromosomes from competing in organized sporting events that are reserved for people with XX chromosomes. Sure, the media would call Republicans bigoted Nazi haters filled with hatred and bigotry and hatred for pushing such a bill. But how would that be different from any other day?

Moms across America would flock to the GOP if they stood up and protected women and girls from these mentally ill dudes who are wrecking girls’ sports.

While you’re at it, GOP, champion a federal ban on any and all transgender surgeries and hormone blocking procedures on children under the age of 18. America has watched in stunned outrage as a psychotic lunatic woman in Texas has attempted to chemically castrate a 7-year-old boy as revenge against her husband in a divorce. Americans made it fairly clear that we don’t like eugenic practices like forced sterilizations in the early 20th century. How is this case any different?

Promise to pass a total federal ban on these practices on children who are too young to consent to the procedures, if voters give the GOP control of the House in 2020. Guess who would be wildly supportive of that measure? Those wily white suburban moms who have kids and want someone to protect children from the Democrat Party’s insane woke gender identity politics.

If the GOP pushed those policies for 2020, the Democrats would be forced by their loony-tunes base to defend transgender dudes beating up girls in sports and chemically castrating little boys. Women voters would flock to the GOP in droves.

You know that this would be a wildly popular issue for Republicans to capture. Unfortunately, the GOP is nicknamed ‘The Stupid Party’ for a reason.

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