Is the Intelligence Community Attempting to Performe a Coupe on President Trump?

President Trump has requested to meet the “whistleblower” who filed a complaint against him.  He says he has the right just like everyone else to face his accuser.

The whistleblower unnecessarily sounded the alarm on a patriotic president looking out for the country’s best interest. At the moment, we do not know much about the identity of the whistleblower but for the fact that he or she is an agent or higher up official in the CIA. In other words, it is becoming increasingly clear our country’s intelligence community is hellbent on taking down President Trump by any means necessary.

Members of the intelligence community are supposed to be impartial in their service. Unfortunately, a member of the CIA has made quite the partisan decision in regards to President Trump for what appears to be a perfectly legal discussion followed by a perfectly legal action.

The unknown intelligence officer member insisted in their complaint President Trump’s phone conversation with Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky constitutes a high crime that clears the way for impeachment.

This whistleblower reported the alleged transgression in quite the formal manner by filing a complaint with the inspector general of the intelligence community. The agent’s filing of the complaint guaranteed the classified information at-hand would be fully protected while ensuring the proper authorities receive word of the allegedly illegal “pay for play” promise. Filing such a complaint rather than tipping off a member of the press requires that the whistleblower specify how he or she knows what they know.

Unfortunately, if this complaint results in the impeachment of President Trump, we will be one step away from a Nancy Pelosi presidency. Furthermore, the decision to file such a complaint deals a powerful blow to Republicans’ chances of winning the presidency in the 2020 election. It is quite possible we will end up transitioning toward socialism if one of the Democratic candidates is elected.

Why the Whistleblower’s Action is so Shocking

The CIA agent’s decision to blow the whistle on President Trump comes as quite the surprise to those in the Trump administration. After all, President Trump stood before the intelligence community days after election, stating his unwavering support for members of the CIA and other covert operatives representing the stars and stripes.

Though Trump had been somewhat critical of the CIA prior to beating Hillary Clinton, he made amends with anyone he might have potentially offended when he promised to give the intelligence community the financial and moral support necessary to protect the land of the free. Instead of being appreciative of President Trump, the CIA official in question stabbed him in the back and betrayed America while pursuing his own self-interest.

Is the Whistleblower Guilty of Treason?

President Trump immediately responded to the complaint by insisting the whistleblower might be guilty of treason. After all, President Trump merely requested more information about the potentially illegal actions of an American in another country.

It does not matter that the individual in question (Hunter Biden) is the son of a political rival. If a United States citizen is involved in corrupt and potentially illegal activity in another country, the American people, our nation’s lawmakers and our law enforcement personnel have every right to know. This has nothing to do with sleepy Joe Biden’s family and everything to do with ensuring justice is served.

As a result, President Trump is justified in arguing the whistleblower is treasonous. Furthermore, it is possible the whistleblower was paid off by the multimillionaires and billionaires apart of the deep state.

One has to wonder how much the whistleblower was paid to bring forth a formal complaint against President Trump merely 13 months ahead of the 2020 presidential election. If a thorough investigation of the whistleblower were conducted, it is quite possible we would find he or she were compensated after turning in the complaint.

At the very least, the whistleblower should be subjected to a polygraph test and asked whether he or she received any type of compensation for filing the complaint that sparked the Ukraine controversy.

If such a thorough investigation were performed, it would likely reveal the whistleblower is an ardent Democrat who is more concerned with getting a socialist such as Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren elected rather than serving his or her nation.

However, it is unlikely such an investigation will occur. Instead, we will be subjected to a drawn-out impeachment process in which President Trump is raked over the coals just in time for the 2020 election.

Maybe that’s what they planned all along.

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