Joe Biden Reverses Stance on Impeachment

Let’s face it. Impeachment is going to be the talk of the town until the Senate finally reveals their verdict. After that, everyone except MSNBC and CNN will move on. That’s when they’ll unveil their 24-hour cycle covering how Russian bots trolled the Republicans into voting a certain way on impeachment, or whatever.

Since we’re all here anyway, we might as well make the most of the circus. One fun past time is to count all of the ways Democrats completely contradict themselves in the fury of their Trump Derangement Syndrome. Today, we’ll start with Joe Biden.

The Ancient History of Bill Clinton’s Impeachment

The mainstream media is adept at forgetting all of the details of Clinton’s impeachment, even though most of them were alive and well for it. Joe Biden was certainly around and doing political things when it happened. In fact, he went on record to say something quite peculiar about Clinton’s Senate trial, “There has not been a good explanation of why 60,000 pages was good enough for the House but isn’t good enough for the Senate.” This, of course, is referencing the detailed report crafted by Ken Star that ultimately led to Clinton’s impeachment.

To put this in a better perspective, Biden was saying that there was no reason to call up new witnesses for Clinton’s Senate trial. The evidence provided by the House should be sufficient. Interesting.


Biden’s New Tune

Now, Biden is arguing adamantly that the Senate needs new witnesses or else the trial is bogus. It’s a complete contradiction of his previous claim. Why is the evidence sufficient to push articles of impeachment suddenly not enough to try the impeachment?

We all know the answer.

The articles are a sham in the first place. The Democrats didn’t even have enough spine to allege an actual crime. Of course they need more witnesses. They need more anything — because they know they currently have nothing.

More Flipping and Flopping

Here is where Biden is just plain fun. After contradicting himself on separate impeachments, he also contradicted himself in the current process. Even while he’s saying the Senate needs more witnesses, he’s also suggesting that he and his son shouldn’t be witnesses. The Senate needs more evidence, just not that evidence.

The suggestion is that the Biden’s can’t testify as to whether or not Trump pushed Ukraine for an investigation. It’s a complete distraction. Of course President Trump asked for an investigation. The pertinent question is whether or not such an investigation was justified. Virtually the only people on the planet who actually can give testimony on that part are the Biden’s.

It’s a bit of a moot point. They would lie anyways, but it’s important to highlight the hypocrisy. Joe Biden didn’t think more witnesses were necessary for Clinton. He does think they’re necessary for President Trump, but not if they can actually answer the questions that matter.

You know how this game works. Joe Biden is just another dirty politician.

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