Liberal Media Tries to Smear Virginians Protesting Democrat’s Gun-Grab

Thousands of patriotic gun rights activists marched on Virginia’s capitol in Constitutionally-protected peaceful protest despite Democrat’s and the fake news media’s smear tactics.

Democrat Gov. Ralph Northam has been pushing extremist gun-grab laws under the phony propaganda that he and his liberal majority legislature are trying to curb shootings through “gun control.” The truth is that Gov. Northam wants to strip honest, law-abiding Virginians of the Second Amendment rights.

In response, a reported 85 counties have declared they are Second Amendment sanctuaries, and numerous cities and towns have also drawn such lines in the sand. Gov. Northam, in an attempt to label the citizens as violent agitators, declared a state of emergency to discredit the peaceful protestors.

“I love this. This is like the Super Bowl for the Second Amendment right here,” P.J. Hudson reportedly said, carrying an AR-15 near Capital Square. The African-American trucker also wore a clever sweatshirt that states, “Black Guns Matter.”

With thousands of armed citizens rallying in Richmond, the event turned into a joyous day when friends and neighbors celebrated their God-given right to defend themselves and let the Democrat-majority know their days in office are numbered.

“Guns are a way of life where we live,” demonstrator Marie March told a reporter. She rejects any type of so-called “Red Flag” law that gives the government subjective powers to take away guns. “We just feel like we need to push government back into their rightful spot.”

Her remarks about the laws adding a layer of “more Big Brother” rang true. It was obvious that Gov. Northam would have stripped these peaceful demonstrators of their firearms if his laws were already in place.

“We need to throw the bums out. We need to clean house in the next election,” Gun Owners of America official Erich Pratt reportedly said. The White House also weighed in via Twitter.

“The Democrat Party in the Great Commonwealth of Virginia are working hard to take away your 2nd Amendment rights,” President Trump tweeted. “This is just the beginning. Don’t let it happen, VOTE REPUBLICAN in 2020!”


And Democrats ran the full playbook against this lawful assembly. The governor and other anti-gun Democrats tried to promote fear and discord. Their allies in the fake news media were more than happy to troll and disparage these patriotic Americans.

Media outlets tried to portray the thousands of firearm advocates as “nothing but a bunch of white rednecks.” The Washington Post also attempted to smear the crowd claiming the “FBI arrested three alleged members of a white-supremacist group on gun charges. They planned to attend the Richmond rally and incite violence.” They caught return fire from a speaker at the rally.

“I do not in any way, shape, or form support Governor Northam’s and the Democrat’s gun control. What I also don’t support is the fact that every news piece you’ve seen on this, this weekend, they’ve always brought up the issue of race, as though it’s nothing but white rednecks and hillbillies out here who care for the Second Amendment,” an African-American speaker said. “When actually, black Americans, Asian Americans, Hispanic Americans, Americans in general, care about the Second Amendment.”

The fake news narrative that gun enthusiasts and those who believe in the U.S. Constitution are dangerous was proven wrong. Not a single arrest was made, nor was any violence reported. This would seem to disprove the slimy anti-gun politicians and their media mouthpieces that gun ownership is the problem. Virginians and neighboring West Virginians gathered in unity. Such cannot be said of liberal extremist groups who take to the streets.

Antifa…Black Lives Matter…Occupy Wall Street… When left-wing groups protest, they block traffic, burn cars, throw objects at police officers, and attack innocent passersby.

It’s interesting to note that left-wing “counter-protestors” such as Antifa didn’t dare show up with thousands of determined patriots armed to the teeth. In the right hands, guns are a deterrent to violence. Virginians made their case that Democrat gun-grabs are not the solution and won’t be tolerated.

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