No Justice for Hillary Clinton or the FISA Court Abusers

Two new revelations from the Department of Justice should serve to prove that the DOJ, even under the leadership of Attorney General Bill Barr (or perhaps because of his leadership; time will tell), is incapable of investigating itself or holding itself accountable. One of those revelations has to do with Hillary Clinton, and the other is related to FISA abuse.

In hopes that the public will quickly forget its malfeasance and move on, the DOJ made both of the announcements late on a Friday afternoon, to minimize the possibility of news coverage.

First, FBI Director Christopher Wray has announced the actions he will take to ensure that the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) will never again be abused by FBI agents.

To recap, the FBI relied on the Christopher Steele “Trump-Russia dossier” that was paid for by the Hillary Clinton campaign, to obtain FISA warrants to spy on Carter Page, George Papadopoulos and other 2016 Trump campaign employees.

If you think that the only FISA warrants that were issued by the court were against Carter Page, you really must spend some more time thinking about the entire Russian collusion saga.

The FBI and CIA began their espionage actions against candidate Donald Trump in December of 2015. This was months before Donald Trump would win the GOP nomination, and long before anyone in Washington believed that Trump stood a chance of winning the presidency. Therefore, Trump was not the only rival campaign that the Obama administration was spying upon.

Congressmen Mark Meadows (R-NC) and Jim Jordan (R-OH) repeatedly asked FBI and CIA officials in 2017 and 2018 whether there were more FISA warrants aimed at 2016 candidates. Every time they asked that, the question was met with a shrug and an “I don’t know,” from the only people in the world who would know the answer to that.

The most likely answer is that the Obama administration was spying on many of the 16 GOP candidates for the Republican nomination in 2016. We only know about the warrants against the Trump campaign because he won, and the Deep State decided to continue its coup attempt to abort Trump’s presidency.


The FBI lied to the FISC court and defrauded the court on 17 separate occasions, in order to FISA warrants against the Trump campaign. But not to worry, because FBI Director Christopher Wray has now ensured that the FISC court will never be abused again. Are you ready for his solution?

Wray sent out a training video to all FBI employees on how to properly apply for a FISA warrant. There’s no word on whether the video also instructs FBI agents to wipe front to back.

It seems like “don’t break the law while doing your job” should be a baseline, so great job by Wray on that. In addition, Wray has announced that he will send a follow-up email to all FBI agents in January, instructing them to watch the video.

In other words, once again, no one will be held accountable for the unlawful coup attempt against a sitting president. A training video? A follow-up email? The corrupt FBI will protect its own.

Meanwhile, the Department of Justice has, at long last, wrapped up its investigation of Hillary Clinton’s illegal email server that she used to send all of her classified State Department correspondence on, in clear violation of the Espionage Act. The US Attorney in Utah, John Huber, was tasked with investigating Clinton’s server, the Uranium One donations to the Clinton Foundation as Hillary Clinton negotiated the sale of American nuclear materials to Uranium One, and other matters related to the plain-as-day lawbreaking committed by the Clinton Crime Family.

Huber’s conclusion: There’s nothing to see here. No significant findings. Nothing worth prosecuting.

Never mind the fact that two Clinton Foundation whistleblowers forwarded evidence of the Clinton Foundation’s international billion-dollar pay-to-play schemes to Huber on four separate occasions… And Huber’s team lost the evidence four separate times.

It also didn’t inspire a lot of confidence among the American people last spring when Attorney General Bill Barr told a reporter that as far as he could tell, Huber had never even started his investigation into Hillary Clinton.

No accountability for the FISA court abuse by the FBI. No accountability for the Clinton Foundation or Crooked Hillary. We really do have a two-track justice system in this country. It’s not going to end well.

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