NYC Man Beaten by Mob for Wearing MAGA Mat, Media Deliberately Keeps Story from American People

It feels like things are escalating. Maybe they are. Immigration crime has broken every imaginable record. Mass shootings have finished their recent lull. Political commentary grows more extreme every day.

We’re at a crossroads. While most of America is still the same, great place it’s been, there’s a sect that grows louder and bolder every day. They are the voice of passion, unreason and violence. There’s a large and growing portion of our country that genuinely wants to set everything on fire, and they’re protected by big money and bigger media.

The entire left half of the country is supporting the radicals on the wing, and that has deadly consequences. You’re about to see a clear example of that.

The Attack

Jahangir Turan owns an art gallery in New York City. He’s a pretty normal citizen in the region. Last Tuesday, he was savagely beaten out of the blue.

While walking home, a person suddenly smashed his head into scaffolding. Before he knew what was happening, he was taken to the ground where an entire mob of angry people landed blow after blow. When all was said and done, he was sent to the hospital with head injuries and possible permanent eye damage.

So, what happened? Did he cross the mob? No, Turan’s entire crime was wearing a MAGA hat. That’s it. Even worse, he purchased the hat that very day. The mob of 15 or so people who attacked him shouted slurs about President Trump and his supporters the whole time. An innocent, peaceful American was given a warning by the modern brown shirts.

Media Silence

If the attack wasn’t disturbing enough, the left-wing response was even worse. Naturally, mainstream media completely ignored what happened. For those on the left who did hear about the story, their responses were a celebration of violence. They were quick to say that Turan got what he deserved. That’s the leading train of thought on the far-left.

Now, some people might try to defend the media silence on this topic. Some pretty big, disturbing stories broke this weekend, so it seems reasonable that they would spend more time talking about the shootings in El Paso and Ohio. There are two reasons why this is wrong. First, they ignored Turan’s story for close to a week.

Instead of commenting on the dangers of mob violence, mainstream media was busy telling us about a staged fight at a Trump rally. The other big story was when someone at a different rally had the gall to make a hand gesture towards reporters. That’s right. Hand gestures are more important than mob violence.

The other problem with this defense is the media coverage of the two shootings. They haven’t talked much about details, amazing community responses in the face of violence, or the general narrative. Instead, all they have to say is that President Trump and his supporters are responsible for these shootings. They’re so deranged that they are actively blaming Turan for violence, even though he was a victim.

A Tiring Narrative

This is why so much of the country identifies as an exhausted majority. We’re all sad when bad things happen, but the left tells us that we’re bad people for offering condolences and prayers.

They tell us that Turan is the problem — not the vicious animals who nearly killed him. Any violence pointed at a Trump supporter is warranted and necessary.

There are prominent journalists telling us that we can no longer engage in discussions with people on the right because crazy people commit mass murder. In every way, they are completely off the rail.

This is what happens when you build an entire framework around feelings instead of logic. You pour fuel on the fires of violence, and you convince mobs of 15 people that they need to physically destroy anyone who wears a red hat. There is no contingent of Americans who support the maniacs who shot up our beloved country this weekend. There is, however, a significant contingent that openly supports the beating of Turan, and they’ll do and say the same when it’s your turn.

Don’t give in. Wear your MAGA hat. Don’t be intimidated by these monsters, but be smart. They will attack, so you have to be ready. For now, we still have the right to self-defense. No one is encouraging you to go and start or incite violence, but if it finds you, be the one to end it.

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