Polls Flip: Biden’s Lead over Trump Slips as Violent Protests Allowed to Continue

Cancel culture is the favorite new phrase of millennials in 2020. What it actually is is rioting, looting, badmouthing our country’s history and destruction of public monuments. Its most insidious element is the call to defund the police, the thin blue line between normal people and the crazy anarchists like Antifa and Black Lives Matter members who hate America.

And how does the liberal media chronicle Antifa and BLM protests across the country?  They vilify President Trump and glorify the feral lawbreakers, spreading the lie that our country is systemically racist and that its all white people’s fault.

Normal Americans, as the saying goes, are mad as hell and are not going to take it anymore. Voters are fed up and angry. The polls are showing that Joe Biden’s lead over President Trump is slipping badly over this issue.

Some Democrats, the ones who keep up with clearly the polls and public sentiment, want no part of the far-left notion that police should be defunded. Even candidate Sleepy Joe Biden answered “no” to the question whether he thought defunding the police was a good idea.

Well, not so fast. Joe put on his tap-dance shoes in a recent interview with a progressive activist. Biden was repeating an old Obama theme of how police shouldn’t be using military equipment like Molotov-cocktail proof vehicles to keep the peace. That, he claimed, makes the police “the enemy.”

Joe said, like his pal Barack, he prefers something called a community approach. Biden wants cops to try to reason with the dude holding a brick in his hand as he winds up for a pitch, rather than tase the guy. That, again, would require some defunding of the police, because liberals want social workers instead of police officers on 911 emergency calls.


When Vice President Mike Pence pointed out Biden’s craven waffling, CNN’s Daniel Dale, in a preview of what is to come in the presidential campaign defended Biden, “Clearly, the ‘enemy’ comment was not some sort of general assessment of police officers or even a statement about how police officers are generally seen by communities.”

Uh, Daniel, normal people can read the signs carried by angry police haters. A sign reading “Abolish the police” is generally viewed by a normal person as a negative view of the police.

Biden’s defenders have whined that he was taken out of context. Here’s a quote from Dale’s article, “After Biden criticized the police use of military vehicles, [the interviewer] interjected, ‘But do we agree that we can redirect some of the funding?” Biden said, “Yes, absolutely.”

So, doesn’t “redirect” mean “take away” as in “defund”?

Clearly on the defensive, one Biden campaign official “said that Biden endorsing the idea of redirecting ‘some of the funding’ is in line with his June comments about how it makes sense to reduce police budgets in ‘some places.’”

President Trump, however, does not waffle. He won’t even discuss defunding the police. Likewise, he has signed an Executive Order cracking down on rioters and vandals who deface or destroy national monuments.

While President Trump continues to do what normal people want, Democrats like New York Mayor Bill de Blasio cancels festivals like Little Italy, but allows Black Lives Matter protest to proceed. The Mayor regards protesters as “calls for social justice too important to stop.”

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