The ‘U’ Visa – Another Scam to Flood America with More Illegals

The amazing resourcefulness of people when it comes to defrauding our broken system here in the US is remarkable. Reading the news accounts of scams, get-rich-quick schemes and fraudulent gimmicks to get a leg up is like watching an episode of ‘MacGyver.’

Not the new woke ‘MacGyver’ reboot, which stinks, but the 80s version of MacGyver where he would escape from terrorists every week using a stick of chewing gum, some duct tape, a plastic straw and some laundry detergent. Foreigners are often that resourceful and imaginative when it comes to defrauding our weak immigration system.

It didn’t make national headlines this week, but there was a dramatic robbery near the SeaTac airport in Seattle. The robbery took place at Bob’s Burgers & Teriyaki, right off the Pacific Highway.

Two robbers stormed into the restaurant. One of them had a gun. They tied up the manager and six customers. Then they took the cash from the register, and stole everyone’s phones, jewelry, wallets and purses. After sexually assaulting two of the female customers, the two robbers fled the scene. A restaurant employee showed up sometime later and called the police.

So, let’s treat this like an Agatha Christie mystery. You have the restaurant manager, six customers, two robbers and the employee who called the police. That’s ten people in total. Can you spot the illegal alien attempting to defraud the federal government?

Unless you guessed “all ten of them,” you do not win a prize.

What the heck?

Ten illegal aliens engaged in an elaborate scheme in which two of them appeared to rob seven of them, tied them up (kidnapping), sexually assaulted two of the women (didn’t actually happen), and then another employee “shows up” after the “robbers” fled.

It was all a hoax. SeaTac police and the King County Sheriff’s Office blew through untold hours investigating the sensational – and entirely fake – robbery/kidnapping. SeaTac Police Chief Jon Mattsen described the investigation as a “tremendous waste of resources.”

Even though the police and sheriff’s office are furious about the huge waste of time, none of the ten perpetrators are in custody, because Seattle is a sanctuary city. They’re now refusing to allow ICE to help with the investigation. They haven’t even released the names of the ten illegal aliens who attempted to commit a Jussie Smollett.

Why would a group of illegal aliens between the ages of 38 and 51 go to so much trouble to stage a hoax crime? Because they were attempting to secure ‘U’ visas for some of the members of their little group.

The ‘U’ visa is yet another visa category designed to protect a small number of illegal aliens, which has ballooned into another massive fraud magnet. Wouldn’t want any of them to slip through the cracks!

When it was originally passed and signed into law at the tail end of the Clinton administration, the ‘U’ visa was intended to protect victims of drug cartel sex trafficking. According to the State Department, the cartels traffic up to 30,000 women and children across the southern border every year and sell them into the prostitution and/or pornography trade.

Authorities frequently catch these trafficking victims engaging in prostitution against their will. The ‘U’ visa was designed to prevent these women and child victims from being deported.

To qualify for a ‘U’ visa, you must be a victim of a specific crime under the laws governing this visa program. While it was originally written to protect victims of the cartel’s sex trafficking rings, it has since been amended to grant visas to a whole bunch of non-trafficking crimes.

For example, if an illegal alien woman’s illegal alien husband beats her up, he gets deported for domestic violence – but the illegal alien woman and her children get ‘U’ visas and get to stay forever!

There’s a wide range of crimes that illegal aliens can complain about in order to secure a ‘U’ visa nowadays. For example, if the factory that employs them unlawfully is paying them less than minimum wage, they can get a ‘U’ visa if they turn their employer in.

Other exemptions that have allowed illegal aliens to successfully apply for a ‘U’ visa and remain in the US include being stalked, being taken hostage and being punched in the face.

So, that’s how and why ten illegal aliens would engage in a hoax robbery/kidnapping/sexual assault. The restaurant manager and six customers who were tied up planned to apply for ‘U’ visas because they were “victims” of a crime. And because they’re in a sanctuary city, they’ll never be deported for perpetrating this hoax, and we are not allowed to know their names.

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