This Shouldn’t Surprise Anyone: George Soros Linked to Whistleblower Complaint

When a referee in a basketball game blows a whistle and calls “foul!” it is a given that the referee personally observed the infraction. However, the so-called whistleblower who wrote up a 9-page report using only hearsay about a phone call between President Trump and the Ukrainian leader, but Democrat demagogues don’t care. It’s just their latest attempt to get Trump out of office.

In fact, the lack of first-hand observation could disqualify the report under the law. The report was not even about a member of the intelligence community. If, as most believe, the writer of the bogus report was a CIA agent attached to the White House, his partisan stunt could qualify him for reassignment to Guam spying on gooney birds.

The complainer even makes this stunning admission: “I was not a direct witness to most of the events described.” In a court of law the judge would say, “Get that junk out of my courtroom. Case dismissed.”

However, in the raw, politically-charged climate and deep-state hatred of President Trump, the intelligence boss saw no alternative. The report contained serious charges, was almost too-well-crafted, and the writer likely had lots of help from his lawyer–a well-known Hillary Clinton supporter.

Apparently, the 9-page scribe bases much of its veracity on what the whistleblower’s friends and fellow Trump haters characterizes happened. They may not have even been on the call either. That part isn’t clear.

If so, it appears that President Trump is still surrounded by a gaggle of disreputable and disloyal Obama holdovers in the White House. They all sang the same tune: President Trump asked the Ukrainian president to dig up dirt of Joe Biden and Joe’s drug-impaired son, Hunter.

The report, in an apparent effort to appear authentic, has a telling footnote. That footnote follows a first-person statement, “multiple officials told me.” The whistleblower references a report by the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) dated July 22, three days before the President’s conversation with the Ukrainian leader.

The whistleblower uses the report to back up his timeline and other charges:

  • Two associates of Rudi Giuliani traveled to Ukraine in May to meet with a close adviser of President Zelensky.
  • The Prosecutor General wanted to communicate directly with Attorney General Barr “on these matters.”
  • Rudi Giuliani had spoken in late 2018 with former Ukrainian Prosecutor General Shokin. Shokin was about to investigate Vice President Biden’s son Hunter, who was on the board of a Ukrainian energy company paying Hunter a huge monthly salary.

What the footnote fails to include is that the OCCRP is joined at the hip through “joint investigations” with BuzzFeed News. BuzzFeed is the home of the infamous hacks who first published the full anti-Trump pee dossier, paid for and planted by Democrat operatives that began the whole fake Russian collusion mess.

Visitors to OCCRP’s website will see a link on every page to their top organization funders. One of those links is to billionaire and rabid Democrat George Soros’s Open Society website. Soros, in fact, has frequently been among OCCRP’s top contributors.

The OCCRP is a self-described “non-profit media organization providing an investigative reporting platform for the OCCRP network.” Those guys love their Daddy Warbucks Soros, and have gone to bat for that notorious bankroller of wacky left-wing causes. In fact, one of their articles is titled, “How Macedonia’s Scandal-plagued Nationalists Lobbied America’s Right and Pulled Them into an Anti-Soros Crusade.”

There is also another connection between Soros and Fusion GPS, the investigators who paid an ex-British spy to write a fake report on President Trump. The IRS shows that another nonprofit bankrolled by Soros, the Democracy Integrity Project, hired firms tied to Fusion GPS and used $4 million of Soros’s money in 2017.

Soros’s behind-the-scenes political activism against President Trump is entirely consistent with a world view that values globalism over the President’s America-first efforts. While President Trump believes in American exceptionalism, Soros’s core beliefs equate the United States to a rogue nation. President Trump stands for everything Soros despises.

So, George Soros decided back in the 1990s that he had earned enough money. Actually, he didn’t really earn his fortune. He ran a Wall Street hedge fund and bet that the British pound was overvalued against the German mark. He cashed in on currency speculation while others lost their shirts. He’s done similar things in Russia (who has reportedly issued a warrant for his arrest) and Asia. His behavior ever since appears to be motivated by philanthropy guided by guilt.

While Soros would like to blow his own whistle and put a socialist like Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren into the presidency, so far he has failed. As long as his ill-gotten fortune fuels his limonene liberal guilt, he will undoubtedly keep trying.

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