Vaping vs. Fatal Transgender Drug – Guess Which One Nanny-Staters Want to Ban

Believe it or not, there is some non-impeachment news still happening out there in the world. If you’ve been paying a little bit of attention, you’ve heard about one or possibly even two products that are not guns, but that have been killing people. One is the e-cigarette, a product that emits huge clouds of vapor out of a person’s lungs like a circus trick.

E-cigarettes have been linked to six – or maybe nine – deaths, depending on which news accounts you listen to. The other product is a hormone-blocking drug that’s now being given to children who have been browbeaten by the public schools into thinking that they are transgender.

That product has killed roughly 6,300 people, mostly adults. Guess which of those two products the nanny-staters want to ban?

Congress held a three-hour hearing on e-cigarettes and “vaping” in September. It was serious stuff. The head of the CDC, the chief medical officer from the American Lung Association and the director of the Illinois Department of Public Health were all there. They all said that Americans should not use e-cigarettes because of the huge public health emergency they represent.

Six people (or maybe nine) have misused their “vaping pens” inappropriately by trying to turn them into marijuana bongs, which was what led to most if not all the deaths. But it’s a super-big emergency and Congress MUST ACT NOW. The evidence is unimpeachable!

Is vaping really that unhealthy? I don’t know, but at least vapers’ clothing doesn’t smell like an ashtray that my dog just scooted his butt on. Vaping is probably not the healthiest thing you can do to your body, but then again, it’s probably not any worse than alcohol or tobacco.

Vaping is definitely annoying. If you ever want to be bored to the point of suicide, just ask a 20-something American male to tell you about his vaping pen. It’s like listening to Alfred Einstein describe a complex engineering project after he just smoked weed for several hours. I know this for a fact because my wife played a terrible prank on me recently.

“Honey, I think the new neighbor might have an interesting investment opportunity for you. You should ask him about his pen!”

I fell for it. I asked about his pen.

As a person who ties his own fishing flies, I realize I’m the last person in the world who should be making fun of someone else’s hobbies. But yeesh! Those vapers are intense when they talk about their pens!

Anyway, lawmakers want to ban e-cigarettes because a tiny number of people used the product improperly and illegally, and it killed them. Talk about overreaction.

What’s it really about? Probably the deep pockets of the tobacco companies that make vaping products.

Meanwhile, the hormone-blocking drug Leuprolide Acetate, also known as Lupron, has killed 6,370 people in the last five years. Most of the people it killed were adults, but some were children, because it’s being given to kids now as well.

The drug is primarily prescribed to mess up the hormones of people who suffer from transgenderism, which used to be universally recognized as a mental illness.

Now that Cory Booker, Barack Obama and other notable scientists have convinced American society that transgender people are a protected class of people in America, the pharmaceutical companies are coming up with these horrifying drugs that make one’s body mimic the things that the mind is falsely telling it.

Lupron is clearly more dangerous than vaping. But since transgenders are now the holiest of holy people in the land, no one in Congress seems to want to look into that product. Go figure.

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