A Rundown of the Top Democratic Candidates’ Glaring Weaknesses

Donald Trump wiped the floor with Hillary Clinton. Every time a debate was held he was declared the winner. His poll numbers rose after each debate and he gained more and more supporters to his side.

After the election, Democrats chided themselves with putting up such a horrible person to go against Donald Trump. It appears as though Democrats will make a similar mistake in 2020 by pitting another pathetically weak candidate against Teflon Don.

Skim over the current field of Democratic candidates for President and you will find each has significant shortcomings. Let’s take a quick look at the field’s weaknesses and revel in the likelihood of President Trump’s re-election that really will make America great again.

Sleepy Joe Biden

Joe Biden is still polling well ahead of the rest of the Democratic field after two debates. This comes as quite the shock as sleepy Joe struggled mightily during both the debates.

Biden stumbled his way to the finish line in the last debate, touting a supposed website or phone number of “Joe 30330” that does not even exist. Biden’s track record of seemingly racist decisions as a congressman will haunt him until his dying day.

If Biden is the candidate, Trump will likely be re-elected by an overwhelming margin. As sleepy Joe has been fond of saying in the Democratic debates, his time is up.

Crazy Bernie Sanders

The combination of Bernie Sanders’ odd personal aesthetic with his far left policy positions and wretched-sounding voice justify President Trump’s nickname of “crazy”. After all, Sanders is a self-professed socialist.

Sanders is largely credited with moving his party to the far left. HE was the first to demand free college, free healthcare, heavy taxes on the wealthy, and eliminating student loan debt.

The bottom line is an America led by baby boomers will never elect a socialist candidate for high office. A candidate like Bernie might have a shot to win the presidency in 2028 when millennials are running the show. He’ll be 87 years of age by then though.

Pocahontas Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren is disingenuous at best. The one time Harvard professor, who claimed to be Native American, to get that job, has made her candidacy a mirror image of Bernie Sanders. Whatever crazy idea Sanders comes up with, she agrees to, then tries to convince everyone she thought of it first.

Warren makes no secret of the fact that she would like to eliminate student loan debt and give healthcare to illegals.  However, such proposals are egregiously unfair to the majority of Americans.

Kamala Harris

Harris would have a decent chance at beating Trump if she had worked as a prosecutor or even as a community organizer rather than a pseudo-cop. Minorities throughout the United States are hesitant to trust Harris after she made a career out of prosecuting black and brown individuals while she was the district attorney of San Francisco.

Furthermore, Harris spoke of her record prosecuting thousands of people for drug possession and smoking marijuana, then did an interview where she laughed about smoking the drug herself.

Making matters worse is the fact that Harris opposed independent investigations in supposed incidents of police misconduct.

The only way Harris could edge out Trump is if she were to run on a ticket with Elizabeth Warren. Use your mind’s eye to envision the liberal media framing a Harris-Warren ticket as women’s revenge on the President Trump, a supposed misogynist.

However, this scenario is quite unlikely, especially after more and more skeletons come out of Harris’ closet stemming from her time served as San Francisco’s district attorney.

Pete Buttigieg

You have to love President Trump’s take on Mayor Pete’s surname. Thanks to Trump, plenty of people in the media and beyond are referring to Buttigieg as “Butt-edge-edge”.

Though it appeared as though the Mayor of South Bend, Indiana had a decent chance at winning the Democratic nomination, hope fizzled when Buttigieg failed to fire his Chief of Police after alleged officer misconduct. South Bend taxpayers shelled out $1.5 million for body cameras only for a South Bend police officer to leave his camera off during a shooting with a local citizen.

Even if Mayor Pete were to overcome this issue, President Trump hit the nail on the head with his criticism of the diminutive candidate who resembles Alfred E. Neuman. Can you imagine Mayor Pete meeting with President Xi Jinping or another powerful leader on the global stage?

There is a good chance the United States would lose credibility in the international community if someone weak like Buttigieg were to be elected president.

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