China Humiliates Biden Administration Diplomats to Show Who’s Really in Charge of Our Country

Most of us normal people out here in America will never even brush up against international diplomacy. It’s a world that we just don’t inhabit in our day-to-day lives.

All of the trappings of diplomacy, however, are extremely important. There are a lot of unwritten rules – developed over centuries of nations interacting with each other – that you’re supposed to follow. It’s how nations avoid going to war. We talk to each other instead of dropping bombs.

And if there’s one thing that the world has definitely noticed about the modern Democrat Party in general and the Biden regime in particular, it’s that they are really, really terrible at diplomacy.

Imagine being a brand-new member of the diplomatic core in the Biden administration. It’s your first posting! You’re going to China to represent the foreign policy goals of the Joe Biden/Kamala Harris presidency. You’ve packed your bags and said goodbye to your mom and dad. It’s a two-year posting in Beijing, but it will be a massive boost to your professional resume. The US State Department will pretty much be your oyster from now on after this sweet gig!

So, your plane touches down in Beijing. But you’re informed upon landing that you’re going to have to go through a COVID test. You’d probably think, “No big deal” by this point. A quick cotton swab up the nose, wait for the rapid results, and it’s off to fame and fortune in the name of Joe Biden and the United States of America!

But then the Chinese “doctor” takes you in an exam room, orders you to drop your trousers, and tells you to get down on all fours on the exam table. With your derriere in the wind, you’d probably start to think, “Wait a second… what does this have to do with testing for a respiratory disease?”


If you’ve seen any news coverage of this incident at all, you’ve probably seen it described as members of the U.S. diplomatic corps being subjected to “COVID anal swabs” by “accident.”

No. No no no no no no no!

Oh, no!

That’s not what happened at all. China’s intelligence services are not content to let our fake news media get away with passing this off as a “mistake.” So, they’ve leaked photos of Biden’s diplomats to China in an act that can really only be described as “revenge porn.”

The Chinese government – which lies about everything in a way that puts our own media to shame – claims that it has developed the “most accurate” COVID test possible through an anal swab. The procedure is described as a doctor or nurse inserting a cotton swab up your bum several inches and then “gently” swirling it around for a test sample.

Having now seen photos of the “tests” that 50 members of the Biden State Department’s diplomatic corps were subjected to (after the Chinese intelligence services leaked them), let’s just say… that’s not what happened to the diplomats.

The good news is that the Chinese doctors were wearing gloves. The bad news is that they were all out of Q-Tips.

I’m trying to think of a more humiliating instance that’s ever occurred to a team of diplomats and staffers in American history, or in the history of any other country for that matter. Whenever foreign kings used to send diplomatic emissaries to Vlad the Impaler to make demands of him in the 15th century, he’d send the diplomats’ heads back in a box if he didn’t like the message. That’s pretty bad. But sodomizing 50 members of a diplomatic team – twice each? Only communist China could come up with something quite as humiliating as that in diplomatic terms.

And what’s Beijing Biden going to do about it? Nothing, of course.

What could he possibly do? If you’ve seen Mike “Pillow Guy” Lindell’s documentary about the 2020 election, then you already know that Joe Biden is literally owned by the Chinese communist government. He cannot stand up for his own diplomats or speak out against the act that was committed against them. If he speaks out, the Chinese will simply announce to the world that they helped “fortify” the election for Joe. This was a humiliation ritual designed to show the whole world that China controls the Biden regime.

If you needed any more evidence that Joe Biden is willing to literally bend over for the Chinese government, now you have it.

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98 thoughts on “China Humiliates Biden Administration Diplomats to Show Who’s Really in Charge of Our Country”

        1. This is what you voted for????? Where is our real President???? Sad to be at such a low level of respect.

      1. If it’s the diplomats that he sent over in early January, they are homosexuals and they are married!! I talk to people in China everyday, this is what they told me!! They also showed me pictures of them arm in arm!

    1. All I can do is laugh my ass off.
      Yeah, they deserved it. For cowtowing to the Democratic Party and not speaking one word about the theft of the century, that being the 2020 elections.
      It’s too bad they didn’t probe their butts with a Louisville Slugger.
      You bet you ass ( no pun intended), it’s funny.

    2. Maybe Biden and Hairass should have gone
      ? dead Joe is so far gone maybe he would have enjoyed the new entertainment .
      Without out question the worst and dumbest administration by a country mile. Who in all sanity would destroy jobs, ,raise taxes,import oil ,which increases pollution 100x when we are self sufficient, raise taxes, and open the boarders to unchecked COVID ,drugs, and many dangerous gang members ,and that is in less then 60 days in office , nice move Bowels !!

    3. I just hope the Democrats are proud of themselves .. they have made our entire country the laughing stock of the world ..that in itself is embarrassing enough..

      1. I agree, Richard. The diplomats should never have tolerated such ridiculous behavior. They should have flown back home and not have participated in such nonsense.

      2. absolutely Richard…AND it is time WE, the PEOPLE STOP this laughing, joking and GET SERIOUS as a joke it will be let go in time. AS what it really is – degrading our expectations for our government and accepting whatever we’re given – THIS APATHY IS HOW THE US IS BEING DESTROYED!!! GET UP, SPEAK UP, WRITE UP TO DC, FILL THE “PIPE LINE” OF NEIGHBORHOOD TALK WITH THIS INFORMATION OF DEGRADING THE PRESIDENCY, OUR CULTURE, OUR PEOPLE, OUR FUTURE!!! WE MUST GET ANGRY ENOUGH TO NOT ALLOW THIS CRAP TO BE “NORMAL”…

    1. These are facts , my friend who is Chinese
      Monitors their national news and this humiliation was there to send a message.
      Sleepy ? Joe is already gone .Harris is just another puppet for the radicals .sad to say
      We will be loosing 20% of our paychecks offer the next 2 years before you can vote these leftist selectors,and house of disaster patients
      Like pelocy and Schumer ,living cancers to our democracy what a disaster.

        1. I agree that we don’t buy anything from China but what do we do about Biden, Harris, Pelosi. How do we get back at them. Also the mainstream media along with Chris Wallace at Fox duped Americans and gave them some votes but not enough to win the election.

        2. Electronics are probably going to be the hardest thing to buy that doesn’t say made in China.

          1. We need more captains of industry like Elon Musk. My uncle worked for him until he, my uncle, got burnt out. Elon he said was a perfectionist. Yes he’s a capitalist, but will not cut corners to make a buck. Most of the parts for Tesla electric vehicles and solar power, and SpaceX are manufactured at Musk’s own factories including mircocircuitry. This is because his name is behind his companies, and China makes crap.

        3. We can try not buying China’s products but, that’s just a drop in the bucket compared to ALL the BIDEN ADMIN SENDING LOADS OF “OUR” Tax Payer Money to CHINA in obedience to CHINA’s Threats & Blackmail tactics, they will make sure CHINA GETS WHAT CHINA WANTS….& that is CONTROL OF OUR COUNTRY ? ????

          1. While the Dems are in the White House there is no stopping this from SNOWBALLING…. the ONLY chance is REMOVING them from OFFICE…. and we all know how that would go..,,,
            So we PRAY !!! and do our part during our State elections to remove those who do NOT put our Citizens, our State & our Country FIRST !!! ????

    1. It’s not China it’s Beijing biden he took millions of dollars from them and his son even more now that he stole office if presidency (he didn’t he’s too stupid the only he’s interested in is little girls) now China is letting him know how’s running America it won’t be Obama or putrid Pelosi it will be Chinese government they are the ones who told pelosi how to rig election

    2. If that’s the case, don’t buy stuff Wal Mart stores, about 97% of the items is from China

    3. Jim – get EVERYONE you know to LOOK at “made in” on EVERYTHING you buy…you will be surprised and have to do without some things you just “want” or things you “don’t want to pay big” to get…KEEP THAT PROMISE!!! It’s hard…I have been trying that for about a year now…
      Have you looked at, greeting cards? Electric cords? Staplers (my 3 “Swingline” say made in USA) BUT my “Swingline paper hole punch is “Made in China”; The Epson Salt that I purchased some time ago, I now find it has it printed with :”distributed by…,in Chesapeake, VA …but it is “MADE IN CHINA”…The cute theamed lunch box…Made in China; Just found out that the new set of “XActo knives” are made in China – the company itself has ‘moved to China”, I purchased about 2011 a BELLA Blender and didn’t realize it TOO was “made in China”; The Hamilton-Beach Hand Blender is MADE IN CHINA; the “Instant Mesh Guard” for my apartment “screen door that is Velcroed to the door frame & closes by magnets is MADE IN CHINA; AND of course we KNOW much of our electronics are made in China…but, STILL TRY to buy USA made!!! Just be aware!!!

  1. Where’s the Cancel Culture Warriors? Where’s the Rage? Where’s Adam Schiff? Waddles Nadler and his Gavel? Nancy Playloosley? Schmucky Schumer? Hidin Biden? CRICKETS!
    The Silence from the Dem Dummies is Deafening ! Even Smallwood with his Chinese Fang Connection is Quiet! Feinstein hasn’t commented either! I bet Dr.Seuss would have a Poem
    on Twitter by now, something about “Bottoms are Tops in an Upside Down World China has Proven it with Panties Unfurled”


  3. This has been reported as true in number of outlets…Chinese say ……..”Sorry “….
    Kind of reminds me when Obama went to China
    No red carpet, got off back of plane , no high dignitaries to greet him

    Unlike when Pres. Trump went….full honors…President Zi personally took him around The Forbidden City. ( a huge honor in China ) ..lavish formal dinner…
    Top drawer treatment from a leader to a leader

    China sees today..US has no leader …just a bunch of bumbling bureaucrats .

  4. Xiden recently slurred out some gaffe about Chicom genocide really being a reflection of different cultural normas and how we have to respect those. Anal penetration is as gross a humiliation and insult as can be inflicted in their culture, and this treatment of Xiden’s representatives is the modern equivalent of forcing eunuchs in the Chinese Empire (the previous one) to wear their severed testicles around their necks. This was done intentionally to the diplomats and is going to be done to all of us round-eyed slaves and helots eventually. If not on account of the current Chicom virus, this will probably be a condition of getting out of lockdown after the next plandemic that they are brewing up for us. There can be no starker demonstration of why Americans must regain our independence and our sovereignty, and bring down the dictatorship! Biden delendum est!

    1. China is literally doing to Joe’s diplomats what Joe is doing to the US, figuratively speaking, at least so far….

      1. Yes, Biden is sodomizing the US with the aid of his several foreign allies. All this without the courtesy of Trojan lube or condoms.

  5. I’m just sick about this Virus…!!! My Friend took the SHOT…and it killed her Immune System…She is now dying…!!! Other people are getting all kinds of after effects…And they did this to us….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. The vaccine is scarier than the virus, you can survive the virus, the vaccine is a part of your DNA FOREVER !

    2. Same thing happened to a lady in a church we attend by Zoom. She is VERY VERY SICK. Total body rash and somany other symptoms and docs yelling her she needs the 2nd vaccine. One consolation is that she is a believer in Jesus and if she doesn’t live she will be in an infinitely better off. Read John John 14:6.

  6. Gates made the comment that 6 billion people need to die in order for the world to survive..??????????????????

  7. Surely the Chinese doctors return Biden’s representatives heads back in their rears where they found them after the COVID exam.

  8. All I can say is I hope this is fake news. If true, Biden and his administration have been shamed beyond repair, and it reflects upon all of America.

  9. I want to know if they’ve done it to Biden? And I’d like to see the semi blurred out pictures to be sure Biden has allowed this to happen. That in itself would prove he’s definitely in bed with China and hopefully the repercussions would be swift and removal immediately!

  10. Were the diplomats alerted ahead of their acceptance and/or departure to China that they would be subjected to this? Surely (or maybe not) they must have had some sort of counseling about the norms and morés of the Chinese. Once they got on the aircraft, it was too late.
    I wonder if the diplomats from other countries are subjected to this humiliation. Sleepy Creepy Joey is the laughing stock here among Conservatives in every political party. Now it looks like the same thing is true in China! Did the State Department lodge a protest? When Joey flies there (if he lives long enough), will it be pants down for him? If so, it wouldn’t be the first time as they’ve been hosing him for years. Now it looks like the CCP will be doing it to Biden’s America.

    1. Any butt mask for Biden would have to have a big pocket in it to hold his load of sh-t. Maybe he can get the HO to sniff it.

  11. Even Orwell couldn’t make some of this stuff up. As Glen Beck said several years ago, upside down, inside out. And he was spot on.

  12. This is what has happened to all of America and it’s self serving populace that has promoted tyrannical and or communist regimes such as China for decades. America should cause all people to compulsory military service so each person can be instilled with a patriotism only seen in such countries that have this type of mandate. If American patriotism and exceptionalism were instilled in all students throughout their formative years American corporations would possibly not have been driven by greed and outsourcing, Americans would have placed America first instead of the false notion of “what’s in it for me”. Promote America first and honor those who have sacrificed so much to keep her free.

  13. Yaee Ha this is far too funny not to share. I have to say this is the first time I have had a chance to really laugh at the discussting world us Americans have been forced to endure. When do we start remembering 1776


  15. At what point in time is something going to be done about the worst president this country has had. Prior to Biden, worst president was Obama (who is probably still running the country in the background). So many things that are obviously wrong but continue. This country is in real trouble.

  16. From strength and respect under President Trump, to becoming the laughing stock of China and the rest of the world under Biden.

  17. Not a brain scan. What they were doing was getting the U.S. representatives trained to bend over the kiss the chinese asses.s

  18. I can Only Hope that this is “FAKE NEWS”, probably at it’s sorry best. But yet, I still think it’s a possibility and still pray for it not to be a reality.

  19. Does Anyone Know IF Biden did anything Positive the 4+ decades he spent in “Congress and as OBUMMER’s ass wipe?
    He is so pathetic if someone should decide to Assassinate him he should be given a Prize equal to the Nobel Peace Prize! He is a very sick old SOB whose time has passed!



    WE THE PEOPLE (aka SILENT MAJORITY) have had countless opportunities to have stopped this nightmare, but we chose instead to give the DEMOCRATS what they expected of us, to REMAIN SILENT! Thus, making us equally complicit in the fraud perpetrated against United States Americans!

    Isn’t it time you actually did something, took action?

    I strongly urge everyone who reads this to PICK UP THE PHONE and call your REP AND SENATORS in DC and DEMAND a COMPLETE AUDIT AND INVESTIGATION into the 2020 ELECTIONS and for the IMMEDIATE IMPEACHMENT OF BIDEN AND HARRIS.

    BIDEN is completely UNFIT FOR OFFICE! And they both (BIDEN & HARRIS) have family members putting them both in a CONCLICT of interest position advertising and promoting their businesses and using their VP and POTUS both as an advertising self-interest, self-promoting position and it is ILLEGAL!

    People should write these numbers down and use them frequently even if you don’t think your elected officials listen, they are required to note your comments for the permanent record in their caller database for anyone to see.

    Members of the House

    Members of the Senate


    One call per rep!

    Keep in mind: SILENCE = ACCEPTANCE

  22. When does the whole Democratic Party go, they need that swab that was used for Governor Coumo’s covid test. They deserve every bit of that. Talk about people with zero self respect. I would have told everyone to go kiss my ass.

  23. Do you want me to believe that we have no recourse against a president and his political party who are destroying our country? Have we become a country of whimps? I don’t buy it!!

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