So Much Fraud That Even Fox News Starts Paying Attention

You have to start wondering at what point is the amount of fraud “enough” to convince people that widespread, orchestrated cheating took place in the 2020 election? Donald Trump was reelected in a landslide on November 3. His victory may have been so large that we’ll never know the true scope of it, because no one is looking at states like Oregon and Virginia. All eyes remain on the six undecided states, where the Trump campaign lawyers and others continue to produce busloads of rock-solid evidence.

The number of illegal ballots in these six states is outside the margin of error (meaning Trump wins if the illegal ballots are discarded): Nevada, Arizona, Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Georgia.

The Trump campaign in Nevada has now identified 18,000 ballots that were cast by people who are not legal residents in the state. Some are, for example, northern Californians who have a second home in Tahoe or “snowbirds” who fly to southern states for the winter months. Whatever their situation is, they’re not supposed to be voting in Nevada – but they did anyway.

In addition, a court granted the Trump campaign the right to conduct a limited statistical audit of the mail-in votes in Nevada. The result? Two percent of the votes were cast by people who never received their ballot in the mail. One percent were cast by people who now say they didn’t vote. With a 3% fraud rate in mail-in voting, that works out to 17,300 fake ballots.

That accounts for 35,300 fraudulent ballots in Nevada, and it only scratches the surface of the evidence that Ric Grenell, Matt Schlapp and others have uncovered. Schlapp noted that they had so much evidence to transport to the campaign’s hearing before the Nevada legislature on Friday that they had to rent a second vehicle. Joe Biden’s margin of victory is 33,596 votes in that state. And it’s like that in every so-called swing state this year, with the exception of the two swing states that have the most stringent restrictions on absentee and mail-in ballots: Florida and Ohio.


Joe Biden’s artificial lead in Georgia is even narrower – about 12,000 votes. And that is where much of the election drama took place this week.

The Trump campaign produced irrefutable video evidence of fraud on election night. The video was from surveillance cameras in the State Farm Arena in Fulton County. A supervisor told the Republican ballot observers and the press at 10:00 p.m. that the counting was being stopped until 8 a.m. the next morning.

Once the observers and press left, you can clearly see the election workers – who suddenly had the room to themselves – yanking suitcases out from under tables where they had been hidden separately from the lawful ballots, pulling ballots out of those suitcases, and then running them through the counting machines with no witnesses present. This went on for two hours.

The suitcases are a dead giveaway. Ballots are required to be transported from the voting precincts where they are cast to the counting stations in official sealed ballot boxes. That’s how they’re supposed to be transported in your state and in Georgia. That’s part of the “chain of custody” of the ballots that I’ve been railing about in Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Arizona and Nevada since the day after the election. An election official seals the box and then signs or scans the seal at the precinct – and then the seal is not to be broken or tampered with until that box is at the counting station.

Ballots stuffed in suitcases? Are you kidding?

The video is so damning that even Tucker Carlson was finally forced to admit that something looks fishy about the 2020 election. He played the video on his program, which has now lost more than 2 million viewers since his bizarre attack on Sidney Powell, noting, “That looks like fraud.”

Ya think?

Those particular voting machines can scan approximately 3,000 ballots per hour. The workers had five machines scanning mystery suitcase ballots for two hours with no witnesses in the room. That’s enough time to scan roughly 30,000 ballots – in a state where Biden has a 12,000-vote margin of fake victory.

The Biden campaign has to be breaking out in a flop sweat by this point. The weak and ineffectual Governor of Georgia, Brian Kemp, is now passing the buck by demanding that Georgia’s Secretary of State figure out just what the hell is happening in that video. I disagree. I think it’s time for either Georgia’s Attorney General or a US Attorney to figure out what happened.

There’s now so much provable fraud that even Fox News is noticing it. Hold onto your hats. I predict we’re going to see the first of several states flip within the next week.

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177 thoughts on “So Much Fraud That Even Fox News Starts Paying Attention”

  1. My God I sure hope so. I personally would not be happy if Biden won the election fairly however he did not. I think it is a disgrace what is going on in our COUNTRY the democrats have lost their minds. Please God let the truth prevail

        1. prayers are beautiful shows of love and respect for God. Unfortunately, we are NOT dealing with God “fearing” people. Democrat commies DO NOT honor anything but earthly power ( no matter how they get it). So, this is where General Mike Flynn comes in. The General is exactly right with his statement on impending “civil” war. Military people KNOW what is simmering out here in the “hinterlands”,far more than the lunatics in DC. There have been very organized Militia groups (well hidden) back since obama(the kenyan idiot) tried to “find” them. Whoops..Guess what ? he couldn’t “find them ,therefore ,they don’t exist. Whoops again ! I would bet (as a combat marine,Ret E-8) there could well be several battalions if not full regiments in at least half the states.

          1. God I hope we are all ready. As the founding fathers proclaimed, and I am paraphrasing, here is your republic, if you can keep it “.

          2. Once President Trump gets re-inaugurated, let’s not forget the republicans in name only, who turned on him. Chris Christie, Kemp and others. President Trump needs to clean house after his inauguration, FBI CIA etc. Give us the word Mr. President and we will be there to protect you.

          3. I’m hoping you’re right. I’m also hoping we all somehow unite under a leader who would have the means to fight the leftist communists and help us take back this country.

          4. If it comes to that then fight it is! There are not many other things more important that we could be fighting for than our freedoms. God Bless this country, President Trump and the Patriots aligning to keep us

          5. Fortunately Jack, the dems do not have to believe in GOD for prayer to work, that’s why they are so afraid of us and the Jews, even satan knows who HE is and HIS awesome “Power”. We are not praying against them, we are praying for them and that GOD just be GOD and intervene in this travesty and let them be reminded that there is a “Higher Power”whether they recognize HIM or not.

          6. Don’t forget: We’re NOT praying to the Libbies, we’re praying to God! Let the snowflakes disbelieve, that means nothing!

          7. That’s when us true Veterans must come back out of retirement and help the little guys just like before. I know my weapons are ready for whatever happens. All retired military should stay on high alert! I’ve been telling my people to stay prepared, crap is about to hit the fan!!

          8. Atta Boy sgt: im a vn vet, I couldent agree with you more, only one thing stands in my way ” IS AGE” [73], I have slowed down some, but I can squeeze a trigger. paul [sgt ret ].

      1. I am so hopeful that the Supreme Court can see through this fraud and overturn this unlawful 2020 election. Trump needs a 2 Nd term to drain this swamp of corrupt democratic politicians

        1. All this voting fraud was dispicable, And everyone involved should be tried for treason in the Supreme court!!…And they each and every one of them should be executed!!

        2. Susan, you have a lot more faith in the Supreme Court than I. Ever since he ruled in favor of Obama Care John Roberts has sided with the Liberals on the court to many times for me to be comfortable. President Trump would probably lose 5-4 with Roberts once again siding with the Liberals. I hope and pray I am 100% Wrong.

          1. Mick; I that happens, that is proof THEY were paid off and can be held in contempt and imprisoned for ” DISSOBEING THE LAWS OF THE CONSTITUTION AND THE OATH, THE TOOK’ It is the same both I took when I joined the army; ” TO SOLLIMY SWARE TO , OBAY, UPHOLD, AND IF NECESSARY DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF, AMERICA SO HELP ME GOD” I DID, the only difference is I wasn’t applying for a seat on the SUPREME BENCH. PAUL

    1. I agree let the truth be told Trump won the Election how could he not People love what he did in the 4yrs and he will do more in the next 4yrs

      1. Read

        Proof of the election theft is given. Trump won in a landslide.
        Top Democrats involved! Planned for four years.
        This is Treason!

          1. The ones that voted more then once should go to prison for a Felony charge ant the res of the Lying untrusted worth less COWARDS also needs to go to Prison along with Pelosi, Obama and the rest of the RATS that set this all up.every body knows that Obama played a big part in this so he could get his Big Nose back in Washington to Stink it up again and throw away a great Nation that took President Trump 4 years to try and build back up from that Stinking OBAMA ERA the worst in the History of this country. Every body knows that Trump clearly won,and put Biden’s ASS in Jail where he belongs with the rest of the Rats.

        1. Agree & they need to pay for this disgrace.
          Worst thing I have seen in our country!!
          So disappointed in Fox News that I have
          Watched daily for 8 yrs .
          Donald Trump the Best President in my

          1. totally agree people this fraud needs to be exposed and heads need to roll . If patriots need to protest with guns we are ready. Civil political war is what you want you will get it……. and all these corrupt politicians including Biden need to leave or we will get him out . WE THE PEOPLE !!!!!!

      2. It was like a miracle what he got everything done in that short of time! The only way the democrats could win again for a long time was to lie!! I think they lots of their own good voters because of what they have done!!

    2. You think Biden got 81,000,000 Votes, no way. I would say he got 66,500,000 Votes. Trump mostly got 76,500,000 beating Biden by around 10,000,000 . These folks need to go to Jail every last one of them. If you can’t win fair and square to bad for you and your Party.

      1. “treason” USED TO MEAN a “FIRING SQUAD!”
        Let our PRAYERS as well as our LIVID DEMANDS of the Justice system REQUIRE that, no matter Where and to WHOM this investigation (which I PRAY they are HONESTLY carrying out THIS TIME) leads to – INCLUDING OBAMA’S AND THE CLINTON’S – get to have the pleasure of FACING A FIRING SQUAD! And I want to BE ON IT!!!!! With PLEASURE!!!!!!!!!!

        Also, a note to this COMMENT boss: GET RID OF THAT ‘reCAPTCHA’ SHIT!

      2. I certainly agree with you. I believe President won by a landslide. This fraud is unbelievable! Hopefully we will have our President for another four years!!!

      3. If Trump would go ahead with that Impeachment charge against him, and the Supreme Court would have to abide by it because it is a constitutional law that if a president is charged with a impeachment and wins he is in titled to another three years as President of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, so wo i think he waiting on this won for his last minute Appeal which he will win with Biden and Pelosi’s Hands tied together this is a smart Man to let this get away from him.


    3. You are so correct, Biden DID NOT WIN ANYTHING!!! This has been the worst & biggest FRAUD in America’s political history. Biden’s history is very shady to say the least, there was a special on NEWSMAX showing factual films of how evil Biden really is & even Fox, which I stopped watching. did see Pete Hegseth this morning, he is a good man, very honest & visibly gets upset w/ the BS they throw on there. I also pray the truth comes out, hope Pete goes w/ NEWSMAX & Fox continues to go down the sewer w/ lying Biden & very arrogant Tucker Carlson!

      1. I like Pete Hegseth if it means anything. He’s an honest person and a veteran of our country. Fox to me is in my past. The media is so corrupt and only cares about viewership and paid political ads. At one time I truly believed that Fox was fair with their comments. Juan Williams ruins “The Five” with his far left comments, Chris Wallace is a closet liberal who should retire immediately. He’s so arrogant as to his own creditability and talks over most times better journalists then himself. Why Fox hired Donna Brazile is a mystery unless your moving left completely. No longer fair and balance as their call. It would be a change when a Network decides to report the news instead of telling their opinions. Who they like isn’t what I want to hear. I want hard questions asked of both sides not showing favoritism to whom you support. Political information needs to be fair. Our country needs honest reporting so we the people decide not who you want but who we want. When media heads go into the voting booth its for themselves as we all want for ourselves. So the Jim Acosta, Chris Cuomo’s, Don Lemon’s, Hannity’s, Brier, Tucker, did I miss any, listen up. Of course I did. Mean all of you stick to the real news not your opinions.

    4. It’s time for justice to prevail. Every one from top down to the persons hauling out suitcases with fraudulent ballots needs to be arrested and put in jail for a very long time. That’s the only way that this kinda dem designed treason will be stopped

      God Bless President Trump. God Bless the USA

    5. There are many Trump fans still believing Trump will be in the OVAL OFFICE 4MY’S. ???? liars and will be exsposed and Truth always prevails.God has placed President as Commander in chief .Democrats take notice .Trump is on course to fulfill his one of many Promises to DRAIN THE SWAMP..If God is for Him then WHO CAN BE AGAINST TRUMP. Bible no weapon FORMED AGAINST HIM CAN PROSPER.(DEMOCRATIC Party )Republicans Give God the glory .???? GOD BLESS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA .IT’S NOT OVER UNTIL WE SEE GOD’S CHOOSEN VESSEL PLACE HIS HAND ON THE HOLY BIBLE AGAIN .AMEN 4MY’S.

    6. The left wants to win so bad so they can ruin are country and make us another third world country so they can tell us how to live in poverty while they have plenty along with the illegal they want to bring by the millions by the way they will be given the best paying jobs along with free medical, schools with the taxes we will be paying and I mean high taxes. that means poverty for us.

    7. Dems are dividing this country but in all honesty the power behind tje scene is Satan. We’ve forgotten(willfully) that we absolutely have a creator that has a plan for us but tells us that our enemy (satan) has come to steal, kill and destroy the truth and truths from us. Only Jesus can heal this nation. We need to repent and honor our Holy God! If we return to Him He is faithful and just to return to us.

    8. We know they cheated, we knew they were going to. They try to rig every election. Now there’s more proof than ever.

    9. Soon it will be against the law to disagree with the left. They have adopted an anything goes mentality. The ends always justify the means with these people. It is very difficult to have a free and fair election when the people charged with protecting our elections are the one perpetrating the fraud. Throw in some very politicized judges and you have the chaos we now see. God help us all.

    10. I Always Felt Something Was Seriously Wrong With This Election, Let BE Honest Here Not A Single Major News Network Even Fox News With The Exception Of TUCKER CARLSON SHOW, All The Other New Station Simple Focus On JOE BIDEN Not DONALD TRUMP, After I Watch That Video, My Jaws Drop Like A Mike, Also No Know What Happened To The Moving With Boxes Full Of BALLOTS, Every Court Of Our Great Country Dismiss 99.9 PERCENT Of Trump Lawyers As Meritless, Now Can It BE POSSIBLE TGAT ELECTION Be Overturned?? SIGNED By John

    11. If these men don’t do their job and call for a signature verification then we have no choice but to vote them out of office whether by recall or in an election .

      1. Winning the vote will not mean anything anymore because they will continue to cheat. Once Trump is put back in office, this entire voting process needs to be cleaned up, starting with implementing voter ID!

    12. I can tell you that in Richmond, VA I voted in person and then was shocked when the state was called for Biden before those votes were counted!!!!!

      1. I to was disappointed that according to the reported count, the state of Virginia had voted for Biden’s team. That may have been because of the liberals in northern VA.

    13. The lies and corruption are straight up evil. I am still hoping and praying Trump will prevail in the election.

      1. You are correct!! This was once a GREAT NATION and then God, family, trust, prayers and accountability was gone over 2 previous Presidents, if you want to call them that. Clinton and Obama eras are OVER!!!
        Joe Biden and Nancy have been putting their plans together for YEARS!. President Trump has been disgraced in public and private. Why because he cares. He is masking America GREAT again. Folks look in the Bible and read for yourselves, Wars, Rumors of Wars, Famine, Sickness that can not be reversed. America has done so much to kill our own country. It’s time Americans help clean it up and support Our PRESIDENT, TRUMP. Do it with pride today and everyday. Pray and keep praying. DEMS do not like us so be ready for them. GOD BLESS AMERICA AND PRESIDENT TRUMP!


    14. I don’t think the Democrats lost their minds. I strongly believe these socialists, communists have sold their souls.

      1. The temptation to be powerful was just too much for them. Oh, if God would only help us now. If the Dems take control, we surely will have a bloody civil war. AOC and others will be brutal, and that’s not how our Republic was supposed to have operated. Instead, they want to overthrow our government and deliver us into the hands of the Communists. I wrote to the president and implored him to fight! bam

    15. Being one of the 2,000,000 who left Tucker’s show and the rest of Fox except for Sean and Laura, we must keep speaking out and exposing the leftist corruption. We need to put these people in jail, fire Wray, the FBI coverup artist and his entire next line of management. We need to fire/retire most of the DOJ’s federal prosecutors. The State Department, IRS and Health and Education need to be completely overhauled and trimmed down. The Intelligence agencies don’t appear to be pro-America and even many of the DOD senior officers need to be removed/fired/retired. We need a government that really is loyal to us not globalist corporations or foolish/nasty foreign governments. We need to abolish the NEA and government unions. They were always a bad idea and the judges/justices were too naive to realize they would back only a single political party and introduce much of the corruption that is in all levels of our government and enable a single party news media that lies with impunity. Our justices have not evaluated whether the constitutional requirements were truly being met when they made decisions that favor the thoroughly corrupt news organizations.

    16. These people are paid to do these subversive activities. They have no moral compass. Each needs to pay dearly for their subversion. In the past it would have been with their lives.

    1. If you own a gun you should care, red flag law is just a start for these folks!! And if you even have a bit of empathy for all the unborn babies they KILL every year!! Yes let’s pray god exposes all this corruption for all the work to see. CHINA your master plan to unleash COVID 19 on the world is not gonna work, 45 is coming for you!!! We will rebound stronger than ever!!! GOD BLESS THE USA!!!




      2. ????????????……..well said. My parents and I love Trump??! He has been a great president that endured a lot from these hateful people….. he deserves a fair chance to stick in their face and help our country to be safe from evilness and corruption!

    1. Roy, the FBI and DOJ can’t investigate voter fraud. They are part of the DEEP STATE. That’s why they are so silent.

    2. because they’re the DEEP STATE. Just before the end of the criminal little “o”bama reign, he opened up communications between all three of the 3-letter agencies so they could work together in bringing down President Trump and our country. THEY’RE ALL TREASONER’S AND NEED HANDCUFFS AND PRISON CELLS.

    3. To Roy: Lie-beral DEMONocrats will not investigate Lie-beral DEMONocrats. Gorge Sorrows (George Soros) won’t allow it.

  2. Thank you Lord. Many of us have been praying for the fraud to be exposed. Thank you, President Trump and Sidney Powell and Mayor Giuliani, for working hard and intelligently to expose all this corruption. We need to expose who these criminals are and try them for treason against our nation, including the Bidens who sold us out to China. At 77, I could not have been able to fight the physical battle. I and my septuagenarian friends, younger ones, also, will be so relieved. This had to come out like this to expose the gargantuan theft of our liberties and freedom of expression to decide our government leaders.

    1. AMEN. President Trump is the right man at the right time in our journey and his presidency has exposed all of this to those who’ll listen. GOD BLESS PRESIDENT TRUMP!!!

    2. Me too. I’m 82 and feel helpless as far as correcting this corruption and have -0- $ to contribute to the effort. Even my young relatives don’t believe there is corruption and say that Trump is just digging his hole deeper in the effort. I don’t think they have any idea what they are in for if ‘we’ let Biden assume control. If Trump can pull this out, I feel like a weight will be lifted off my shoulders for the years I might have left, more for my offspring than for me really. Is there anything a decrepit old lady can do to help?

      1. Cheryl
        You have helped just by seeing the truth..
        Don’t worry they (Liberals) will get their “Just desserts”…
        We should have a 3rd. Party… This way the commie lovers will loose without the Democratic support where they hide.?

        1. I AGREE!! We need to form a 3rd Party of WE THE PEOPLE!!! These Politicians (especially the DEMOCRATS) have become so arrogant and power hungry they seem to forget that they work for us not the other way around. They should be passing laws to help WE THE PEOPLE by not giving our tax money and social security benefits to people who are not even citizens of this country. They are more interested in helping all the illegals in exchange for their ILLEGAL VOTES. If they are not going to uphold our Constitution they all need to go!!!!!

      2. I am 84 & I know how you feel. I would be out there shouting like so many have done if I was not years beyond what Biden’s people think is my expiration date. I worry about how many of our young minds have been brain washed by the Socialist in our education system. This is a vital place to start.

      3. PRAY AND KEEP PRAYING!!! We are in a MIGHTLY spiritual warfare battle for this Nation like never before. I think even our War for Independence pales in comparison. WE fought TOGETHER in that conflict for a common goal. Now the battle is internal, even worse than the Civil WAR. That battle was for freeing a people which of course was incredibly important & necessary. This is for freeing our whole Nation from tyranny, etc., and an even deeper, darker slavery than we can ever imagine.

      4. I have the same exact reasons u do Cheryl I am 78 and worried sick, put myself in debt trying to help Trump and the party and over 4 mo. Kept contributing till I can’t anymore but praying everyday something breaks loose and sure hope it all works out. These Dem’s are a disgrace. Now have to pay thousands off but hopefully it was all worth it. Little by little it adds up. We still have to pray it all works out for Trump, don’t know how he deals with it all, God Bless him. I am more concerned like u about our younger ones suffering for years to come. God Bless You and we will pray Together.

  3. The left wing Democrats have from even before Trump took off have used every means hook or by crook(mostly crook)
    to take Trump out, why is it so hard to see in any logical
    fair minded person that this is but the latest scheme to take him out ? There is an obvious pattern here

    1. The Democrats were so sure Hillary would be elected they didn’t have a plan in place till that fateful day when it was announced Hillary lost. From then on democrats went full speed ahead to drive President Trump out of office. but they had no idea what a fighter for America he would be. It’s been four years of mass trickery by the democrats to reposition themselves at the top of our government and the intricate voting disaster was their last stand. Now the evidence is comming out with new findings of trickery revealed every day. Biden is not fit physicaly, or morraly to be president of the United States and if God smiles on our Republic, he won’t be

      1. To Grace: the mentally, morally, and spiritually deficient Lie-beral DEMONocrats are suffering from the insanity of satanity whose only expertise is bullshitology, masked under the cloak of self righteousness. They have the Look-At-Me-See-How-Nice-I-Am Syndrome AND ARE FUGITIVES FROM TRUTH !!

  4. It is a sad world in which money seems to talk and run , so much of our country. What happened to America??? The land of the free ??? The Brave??? Where did they go?

  5. Gregg, I cannot believe you said you dont care who wins as long as it’s fair! If Biden prevails we are doomed to become a Communist country. And the violence of Antifa and the BLM will simply continue.
    If Trump prevails he will make good on his campaign promises. He will clean up this country of the violence and he will free the children in those pedophilia rings and bring the perpetrators to justice.

  6. I’m not a fan of Biden and didn’t want him to become Pres for a number of reasons, the main one being that I don’t believe him capable of the position! As well, given that it will be Kamala Harris that likely takes over, made it even worse! Now, though, as there seems to be so much fraud brought to sight, there is a sense that fraud will be declared as it should be and Pres. Trump will be able to have his last four years as Pres!

  7. The question now is this: In these six states, will their legislatures have the courage to rightfully declare, according to constitutional law, the results in their respective states invalid and direct the electoral votes to go to Trump. If not that, then it we will have to hope the U.S. Supreme Court will hear these cases and rule accordingly. We will soon see just how deep this corruption goes in our country. Pray to God there are still some truthful politicians who love our laws and country out there in each of these states and on the Supreme Court.

  8. The sec of state has explained that the suitcases were actually boxes used to transport ballots. He refutes that people were requested to leave. He attests that there was another person in the area independently watching. Item 1 may be correct but were not said to be ballot boxes just transporting boxes, items 2 and three do not appear true from other evidence. Seems to me there is a huge scramble to make things look okay. Still no comment on Dominion systems having machines wiped prematurely and no comment re not matching signatures.

  9. It’s time to recall all leadership in swing states. We all know Trump won and the fact Republican leadership at the state level, Congressional level and Senate level aren’t up in arms as a group really tells the story. They are only concerned about their asses.

    I’ve been very vocal in Arizona in terms of reaching out to the GOV and both sides of the isle at the state as well as the national level. Do really believe a RED STATE where 7 out of 10 citizens carry a firearm would vote for Biden—-how do you spell BULLSHIT!

    Suggest you do the same….OUR entire judicial system is corrupt.

  10. The DoJ does seem to be in on the corruption. Hillary Clinton is the driving force for this corruption. Please read the book: “Clinton Cash” and your eyes will be opened. Everything is explained in this book.
    How did AG Wm. Barr get persuaded to join all the corruption??? And now Christopher Wray, the interim head of the FBI, seems to be in on all the corruption. We know that the CIA is in on it. Trump has a huge job……..DRAINING THE SWAMP.

    1. Barr was bought off by the crooked liberals…Mr. Trump should fire him and Wray immediately and if he has to leave office he should make term limits for all. Barr has been a big disappointment to all of us.

      1. I agree Barr should be fired! Barr is a friend of BIDEN and part of the swamp, We are in for a fight that could bring the USA back to the values of our founding fathers or to a communist third world country! Pray! This sort of election fraud looks like elections in countries that have no freedom. May God help us.

  11. Well, even the phonies at Fox have to admit there has been fraud in the election! Even though they tried to assist the fraud by declaring Arizona for Biden early while people were still voting there. The guy at Fox who was put in charge of the election desk is a known Democrat operative. Fox has gone to the dark side for sure. The Democrats working at the elections had to stop the election counting in the wee hours of the morning, not only to steal the election, but to figure out by how much in order to make it seem believable. Statisticians and mathematicians have been blowing the whistle on all the improbabilities and impossibilities with the Biden team’s attempted heist of not only our votes, but the country and our Constitution. It’s been so blatant and widespread that it signifies that President Trump actually won by a landslide. President Trump has won and Traitor Joe must concede. Also, he has been tainted by his family’s financial ties with China and he is hopelessly compromised by his entanglement with the wily and nasty Chinese communists. China has managed to buy many of our politicians and steal huge portions of our intellectual property. They have given enormous payments to our universities, gaining access across the board to all sorts of information and influence. They have assisted Biden and his team in the attempted theft of the election. Also, Biden is obviously just too old and infirm to be an effective president and has been a useful puppet for Obama to gain power again; the plan being that Biden will quit and hand the country over to Kamala, and by extension, to Obama. This would be the end of us as a free and sovereign nation. President Trump, please do whatever you need to to fulfill your Constitutional duty to protect us against all enemies, both foreign and domestic.

    1. Thanks Libby I double your statement then I would add let’s abolish , defund, all democratic party 80000000 voters then send them to china and other commist countrys then they can be put in camp’s and make MAGA hats,shirts FLAGS , masks ECT. Trump Pence 2020

    2. OMG!!!!!!…..Amen and well said Libby! Please God love our President Trump and all of us (Trump’s supporters) from all this evilness and corruption! Thank you Libby for saying everything that is so true and to the point????????????????????????????!

      1. It behooves me to believe that Guiliani and Powell and others can find fraud in this fake election but FBI and DOJ cannot see or find anything. This is complete corruption and I am so disheartened that AG Barr is so silent. Chris Wray does not surprise me. He is another Comey. Everyone knows Trump won this election and time will prove this to be true

  12. Well, even the phonies at Fox have to admit there has been fraud in the election! Even though they tried to assist the fraud by declaring Arizona for Biden early while people were still voting there. The guy at Fox who was put in charge of the election desk is a known Democrat operative. Fox has gone to the dark side for sure. The Democrats working at the elections had to stop the election counting in the wee hours of the morning, not only to steal the election, but to figure out by how much in order to make it seem believable. Statisticians and mathematicians have been blowing the whistle on all the improbabilities and impossibilities with the Biden team’s attempted heist of not only our votes, but the country and our Constitution. It’s been so blatant and widespread that it signifies that President Trump actually won by a landslide. President Trump has won and Traitor Joe must concede. Also, he has been tainted by his family’s financial ties with China and he is hopelessly compromised by his entanglement with the wily and nasty Chinese communists. China has managed to buy many of our politicians and steal huge portions of our intellectual property. They have given enormous payments to our universities, gaining access across the board to all sorts of information and influence. They have assisted Biden and his team in the attempted theft of the election. Also, Biden is obviously just too old and infirm to be an effective president and has been a useful puppet for Obama to gain power again; the plan being that Biden will quit and hand the country over to Kamala, and by extension, to Obama. This would be the end of us as a free and sovereign nation.

  13. The answer to all of this corruption is greed and power. There is no truth in the Democratic party anymore. Obama took care of that. Maybe corruption was present before him but he encouraged it and added to it big time. This is all a conspiracy with China and other foreign lands that are paying these politicians. President Trump is are only hope of getting our Country back. God Bless President Trump.

  14. First off, IF a thorough audit of the swing states in question still concluded that Biden won “fair and square”, while I may not like with and have understandable misgivings about his fitness and supporters, then he’ll be my next POTUS.

    However, the evidence, more than enough to convince me, is that he did NOT. I do surmise that if cheating went on in my state (CA), it might not have mattered as to which slate of electors it sends, but it COULD matter for some of its 53 congressional seats, let alone statewide and local races and ballot initiatives. Finally, even if my POTUS vote is “meaningless” to the outcome, it still should be properly tallied. Failure to do so diminishes my stake in this country’s future.

    FWIW, also, I’m more interested in confidence in America’s political process be restored, and the long-term endurance of what might be termed “Trumpism”, more than I am about the personal and political fortunes of one Donald John Trump. Regardless of how this all plays out, he can take care of himself. Not all of his supporters like myself are as fortunate and/or proficient.

  15. I pray daily for this to be turned right. I fear for us and our future if Trump does not prevail. This country was founded on freedom and taking it away has been in the works for a long time. Now you can see it right in your face. Stop the destruction of these people!

  16. I believe we have too many traitors and communist in our government.
    We the people are trusting Donald J.Trump to call in martial law due to the fact that this is a enemy within our country and our laws.
    This election was fraudulently won and everyone knows the truth around the world!
    We must stop this now or lose our country to a enemy within!!!
    This election must be overturned now.

    Also Sidney Powell and Lin Wood turned all their evidence over to The fake FBI and Fake DOJ to give them what they needed to know to prepare their ammunition against the evidence.
    They just helped the enemy with in.
    Time for Trump to stop this now!!!!!
    We the people stand behind the President!!!!

    In God We Trust!!

    1. Yes…..and very true America the Great!! I have praying for this country and our President since the Election Day! Please God help our country from corruption, freedom, and evilness set upon us!

  17. The opportunity for fraud began with the millions of “mail-in ” ballots without signature verification. Those ballots were not requested by absentee voters. No “chain of custody”. The Smartmatics code in the Dominion software was designed to enable additions, deletions, and total changes to the raw vote. Definitely NOT SECURE. Speaking as an IT professional.


  19. According to several sources,Trump received 81 million votes,to Biden receiving 20 million. Trump won more votes than any other President in U.S. history ! The truth shall prevail ! You cannot cheat an honest man,or nation for that matter ! MAGA !

  20. For those of you that think the results of this election don’t matter as long as they are fair, look at what is going on in this country. We have gone so far to the left, we are very close to Nazi Germany and Stalin Russia. President Trump is our last hope before our freedoms, our Constitutional country is gone. Whatever state you are in, call your Rep, yourvsenator daily as we are in Mi. and tell them to make this election and this country right. The Silent Majority cannot be silent anymore. May God Bless all those who fighting so hard to save our country.

  21. IT’S OFFICIAL ……The 2020 Election HAS CONFIRMED that CHICAGO style “DEMOCRAT MACHINE POLITICS” …..IS the future of the DEMOCRAT PARTY …… YES …..VOTE EARLY VOTE OFTEN is here to stay……

  22. Praying every day president Trump has so right about draining the swamp. The corruption in the USA is horrible please god help us with those evil wealthy corrupt people Obama Clintons Soros Shift Pelosi and more
    Veronica Grube

    1. Thank God for all of you Patriots ! Let’s keep on fighting for American values, and our President Donald J Trump! Never give up never, this is too important .

  23. Praying every day president Trump has so right about draining the swamp. The corruption in the USA is horrible please god help us with those evil wealthy corrupt people Obama Clintons Soros Shift Pelosi and more
    Praying ??

  24. A major part of the problem is such highly-respected writers as former-Presidential-speech-writer Peggy Noonan, who writes in today’s Wall Street Journal that there’s no evidence of ballot-tampering: this page could start her dis-crediting process.

  25. We pray God Bless America and we have been since our foundation but God can take away those blessings. America makes laws legalizing things God has said to be anathema. Some people try in every way to remove God from our country. What He said in the past still is true. “If my people who are called by my name humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land.” 2 Chronicles 7:14

  26. I cannot believe it took this long to unveil such corruption in our most important “freedom” “to vote” right earned by millions in our great country’s history, who sacrificed their lives for all of us to be “free” to elect who we “WANT”. What is going on is disgusting and those who decided that they know better who will be our leaders will pay a price for an act against this great place we all share called “The United States Of America!” It’s going to get real ugly and we all better be ready to unite and sacrifice just like those great humans from our past generations.

  27. Over turning this election should be a slam dunk if the Republicans were united. There are too many of them that are in office and out of office that are either intimidated or just don’t like Trump either way they just don’t love America. It is time to drain the swamp that is in the Republican Party.

  28. The Supreme court should step in and rule in Trumps favor given all the evidence of DemoRat corruption…..If they don”t why are they there…….Even that liberal rat Roberts should see that the fix was in………….

  29. How do you flip Democrats when they can’t hear you because they are laughing so loud at the ignorance of Kemp or Barr?

  30. I think these dark shadow under the rocks low life losers need to come to terms with the fact the gig is up now. If all these people, all worked there and not a paid person to say they worked there, are coming out in droves how can this not be looked at. Now i see why kamala kept the senate seat in stead of getting out. A just in case this doesn’t work escape clause for her. But they should fire that hack for being in the middle of this. Biden will go away by himself. Hell he has to be reminded of his name every 2 minutes. COME ON MAN. Famous last words or a nightmare phrase we have to hear for another month until he crawls back to the basement. Kamala will help out only blacks if they cooperate like good slaves. Look up her family tree her good ole folks own them some slaves. Wait here comes another truck load of biden ballots that were forgotten or just printed. What a load of crap. Bad part about this is only the low level thieves will get caught. When was the last time anyone from that high up ever got convicted and jailed. That’s right never!!!! Even in a court case it is all in who you know. They can always use the OJ defense the glove don’t fit can’t convict. If this is allowed i would join the illegals so i can keep working.

  31. The illegal votes in GA were actually not in actual suitcases, but ballot transport boxes.

    However, why was it that they ONLY counted them when the room was cleared of ANYONE responsible for OVERSIGHT? And, isn’t it ILLEGAL for votes to be counted UNSUPERVISED?

  32. PLEASE REMEMBER THE NAME……GEORGE SOROS!!!!!!! HE WANTS OUR COUNTRY FOR HIS DICTATORSHIP. He has the money to buy and sell any millionaire in the world and get what he wants. My feeling is: He owns Joe Biden and most of the Democratic Party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Fox is Part of the problem, They can NOT redeem themselves now. Fox called AZ. for Brain Dead Bin Biden way before the votes were counted! Fox canceled Judge Jeanine’s show the Sat. after the election because she was going to present evidence of voter Fraud. Fox’s Faulkner & Francis censored Newit Gingrich on their show when he brought up the corruption involving the Nazi George Soros, they told him he could not speak about Soros & went to a commercial break. Fox has stabbed the conservative working Americans in the back. Fox is no better than the Clinton news network. The propaganda pushers (LAME Stream media) serve NO useful purpose to a free society.

  34. Ok people…. First I agree Trump won the popular vote and the electoral vote but nobody will ever have time or money to prove both. We may not be able to prove all the swing states electoral votes. There is so much deep state power and money working against against us. We do have God on our side and he works in his own ways. He may just be doing it know. If you are a believer you will pray that God will prevail in the end. In the mean time we must not be still. We must pray and then do any thing we can to support those people trying to uncover the fraud.

  35. It is refreshing to read thoughts and commitment from soooo many Trump Supporters. The 2020 election was a heart-braking event but I will never give up until Trump stops fighting and he must fight on for the integrity of our country. He loves our country and the American people as we all should—-the greatest country in the world. The Marxist—now Progressives—started infiltrating America 90 years ago during Franklin D. Roosevelt. They have become more and more relevant using Saul Alinsky’s playbook. He was/is Hillary Clinton’s idol—she wrote a college thesis on him and his work. Their tactics are spelled out clearly in Saul Alinsky’s book. We have MUCH to be concerned about if Biden / Harris become in charge. And if the Senate falls into the Leftist control—as Schumer has said “We will change America”—our beloved country will be lost (perhaps not overnight –but the wheels will start moving as quickly as possible towards Communism) God Help Us!!! For the sake of our Beloved Country, the Constitution and Voter Integrity—Trump must continue for 4 more years. The Swamp must be drained if we are to survive. I’m 85 years old with more years behind me than in front of me—but I fear for the young people and our children. Our educational system MUST be overhauled and the proper history and love of country returned. The children are the MOST important—not a teacher’s UNION. Leftist Propaganda has been taught from K through college which is a disgrace.
    God is good and prayers are answered—never stop lifting our country up—-Anti-Americans must not prevail.
    God Bless President Trump and May God Continue to Bless America—the best country in the WORLD.

  36. I heard earlier this year, that China was helping America change to a socialist country. I thought it was totally ridiculous. We are a ‘FREE’ country! Then I saw all the crap they put Trump through. The Russian hoax. The impeachment. The china virus, that was released on purpose. All the evidence of Bidens laptop with crooked deals in China & Ukraine & nothing was said, or done about it. And now this rigged election. It’s obvious the democrats have lots of money, power & able to buy anyone to do anything they want. I mean there’s gotta be a couple hundred people, they paid, to risk getting caught & can receive jail time or even the death penalty. I hope there’s enough manly judges that can’t be payed off, or threatened out there, to notice the truth.

  37. President Trump is the best president we have ever had.
    I am praying for him everyday. We know that Trump won the election honestly.
    The democrats are evil & crooked. Biden is crooked & Harris is also. Neither has the sense to run a country anywhere. They are of the devil. Biden’s, Clinton’s & Obama should be in prison. Pray they will. Justice will be done!!! GOD BLESS PRESIDENT TRUMP & THE USA. IN THE NAME OF JESUS.

  38. The truth will come out if the legislature will do their job. God will expose all the fraud, through them, if they love this country.

  39. There should be no election called Dec 14th. Period! Dems change rules they don’t like willy billy.. our turn now. Republicans stand up for what is right! I expect no help from rino’s but the real Republicans need to fight this flippin fraud. If biden had won legally like it or not I would honor that.. but, there is more than ample evidence he did not! All of you denying hearings, ignoring and in some cases ridiculing evidence need to put people before party, money, power, hate whatever it is and do the honorable thing!

  40. Why aren’t they investigating Virginia? For news declared Biden the winner there early when Trump had over 70% of the votes! Try to tell me that there is nothing illegal going on there!!!

  41. Somehow we as conservatives or the NRCC should put out notices for all to stop doing any purchasing or any use of the MSM advertisers. Maybe then they will get the message!!!

  42. No one in the country can deny the Evidence is Over-whelming that the Election for president was rigged. It wasn’t only the Vote but also the Powerful anti-Trumpers bias, censorship and hiding the facts. This is an historical miscarriage of justice that will likely doom the country. I don’t have the answers and can only pray (as all should be), that our best, non-partisan fair-minded minds come together (extend the times needed) (SCOTUS, SENATE) decide what our trusted founders would want. The guilty (assumed in all states) should be penailzed severely, not merely have margins altered, as is with our Criminal Justice System.

  43. Lie-beral DEMONocrats…the syndicate of fake, hate, negate, ingrate, denigrate, degenerate, agitate, instigate, segregate, separate, isolate, desecrate (Bible burning), depopulate (abortions), and D O M I N A T E !!

  44. We are seeing Bible prophecy being full filled. America, the “Great Experiment” is finished. It is so corrupt, owned by the 1%ers that the country is in the same wretched state as England was. English middle class and upper class people founded the USA. They left England becasue England was ruled by an “upper-ruling” class. This is what we have in USA today. If you read the bible book of Daniel, you will read Daniels vision of a great statue. This statue represents world powers. Rome and Greece were two of the known world powers during the Bible writing but the other world powers were unknown to Daniel. The last world powers were represented by a joint duo of two world powers….who ended in feet of the statue that were composed of iron and clay. The feet, being mixed of iron and clay are not as strong as the rest of the statue being solid iron. A great stone is hurled down from heaven by God and the statue topples thus ending the rule of world gov’ts. The duo world leaders and feet of clay represent Great Britain n the USA. Great Britain ruled the world for about 100 years till WW2. After WW2, the USA became the world power. USA, is now finished as we see corruption at the FBI, the courts, the Congress ( read the book “throw them all out”)….Every type of gov’t has been given a chance to rule over the earth….monarchy’s, fascism, republics, communism, socialism, democracies…and they have all failed. The Great Experiment, the usa, is the last to fail. This means the great rock will soon be hurled down by God ending all man made gov’ts. Armageddon is the destruction of man made institutions…it is not the end of the world as the earth will stand for ever says the Bible. After Armageddon Gods Kingdom will rule the earth. This will be the first time a fair and just gov’t will prevail over the earth. If you want to be a part of that gov’t….read your bible and do what god wants and hate what god hates…..

  45. I’m sorry but still feel Fox news was the only news I could get truth on the campaign. No other news channel would even mention Trumps name. Give Fox and Tucker credit. They stood behind Trump the whole election.

  46. Good Morning ! Well you know what is said the Truth Will Set You Free and with the evidence the Trumps team have there’s no doubt about it that the people have spoke out and we re-elected the greatest President Donald J Trump and the swamp and dems tried to cheat and they’ve been caught red handed the people know we should never have mail in voting besides that there should be identified voter registration you have to identify to rent a car get on a plane credit card what’s more important than elections those that don’t want to identify themselves is hinding something

  47. The more I see on trusted media, the more I am convinced of the fraud associated with this election. My momma used to tell me that nothing good happens after midnight. If the Democrats are soooo concerned about fairness, why were the Republican poll judges run off at midnight, yet the counting continued until daybreak?

  48. May our God right the wrong we have all witnessed and are part of.. God will do the right thing, he always has.. Count on Him..

  49. I agree with you on the excision
    Of All the traders,but I like guillotine and done on TV for the world to see. This can never happen again. The world should see this so we can never have problems with the dark state again. The FBI and the CIA that is involved is treason also that will be court-martial God Bless America and God bless you Donald Trump the president of the United States

  50. Why do you think that a firing squad has been approved as a new form of execution? Stay tuned , it coming. Perfect way for dealing a penalty for TREASON. Payback is a bitch. May God bless America and her real Patriots.

  51. I am afraid the court will only sanction the poll officials and leave us with an illegitimate President for 4 years. I do know this, it will be Trump’s fault.

  52. i think we all know what’s going to happen if biden goes into office we lloose our fredom rvery one who voted for him get what they deserve.priscilla

  53. The so called ‘main-stream media’ and ‘Google, Facebook ( that owns Instagram) and Twitter’ are traitors! Their lies are so blatant and spoken in unison that they appears to be robots from the Father of all lies! Pray for our country and for courageous leaders that will push back these traitorous, lying, destructive, self-absorbed political and social power mongers from the deadly swamp. God in Heaven above, please help us!!!

  54. I pray every day and night that God will reveal the truth. There is no doubt that the Socialists will lie, cheat and steal to get power.
    We need President Trump working for the American people and keep our great country free.
    God Bless America!

  55. Biden even admitted that Dems created the largest voting fraud organization.
    Not a detection and prevention but an actual organization to perpetrate fraud. This is what is truly called “Organized Crime!”

  56. Of course they will try to recoup the 49% of viewership they lost, plus the money from advertisers pulling out because of their deplorable rating.

  57. I trusted and have watched ONLY Fox news for YEARS. Since the change in leadership and what Fox did on the night of the election, I have not watched anything channel affiliated with Fox. Additionally, I have made sure that the word got out to everyone I know but by the time I sent my emails to the various groups they were already aware and very upset. Owning up to the fact that NOW you believe in the fraud committed is a LITTLE TOO LATE for so many dedicated viewers. We have since all switched to the last truthful station on tv.

  58. I enjoy Tucker Carlson and his view on most subjects as he does not state anything but proven FACTS. When Tucker says that there is voter fraud in GA then there is voter fraud. There are too many Americans who just do not understand yhe nature of the Democratic Party, it is the nature of democrats to cheat and the idea of voter fraud is something the partyb has perfected. Little chance of any judge finding solid evidence to act upon for the party is expert at lying. Time people, especially judges, start being honest and have an investigation into fraud in each of the swing states before Biden gets in and all evidence is destroyed and fraud to baked into oue politicl system. THis election, if allowed to stand, will be America’s last election. Communism will have won if the democrats take over!

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