Washington Post: Disgusting White Americans Will Be Outvoted One Day Soon

The Washington Post – based in Washington, DC – has sent a reporter all the way up to the little town of Worthington, Minnesota to find a brand-new batch of Americans to insult. The Post has discovered that the tiny town of Worthington is a hotbed of racist white nationalism.

While the Washington Post goes out of its way to declare the town of Worthington “racist,” the big exposé on this tiny town of 13,000 does do one thing very well: It highlights the horrifying effects of mass immigration on American small towns.

Since 2013, the United Nations has been dumping illegal alien kids in Worthington. The UN classifies “unaccompanied minors” who show up at our southern border as “refugees,” and then dumps them in the first American town they can find where the kid has an illegal alien relative. That process started just six years ago, but today, Worthington is a minority-white community.

The American families that built Worthington are outnumbered by people who don’t even speak English. That’s not an exaggeration. Main Street in Worthington is now lined with shops that have Spanish and Laotian signs out front. Even the local cell phone store has piñatas hanging in the window.

35% of the students in Worthington schools are now illegal aliens. The middle school has jumped from a population of 650 students to 1,000 students in just a few years, with more than a third of them unable to read, write, or speak English.

The schools are scrambling to accommodate this massive influx. They need an army of translators to try to accomplish anything with the new students – and of course, the American students are finding themselves crammed into increasingly crowded and chaotic classrooms.

The schools keep asking for massive local tax increases to help accommodate the influx that the UN has dumped on the community. In 2013, the local schools asked for a $39 million increase in local taxes to pay for more teachers, more classrooms and translators. In 2016, that number had jumped up to a $79 million increase, which the voters barely defeated.

Let’s pause and break that figure down. Worthington is a small farming community with a population of just 13,000. The only other significant employer in the town is government employees (postal workers, police and fire personnel, and teachers). All of who’s salary is paid for by the local taxpayers.  None of the illegal aliens, who are a majority in the community, pay any local, state or federal taxes.

In other words, the local tax base is about 2,000 Americans, who are being asked to pony up an additional $79 million per year to educate illegal aliens.

That works out to an average of around $39,500 per year, per taxpayer. The median household income in Worthington was $53,000 in the same year that the school district asked the taxpaying households to surrender an additional $39,500 per year.

The Washington Post is cheering the fact that the last school tax increase almost passed. If the school district keeps putting this massive tax increase on the ballot, eventually the outnumbered small base of taxpayers will be forced to toil in the fields for their illegal alien betters! Take that, you American bigots!

The big heroine of the piece is a 16-year-old illegal alien who crossed the Rio Grande in a rubber raft to sneak across the border in Texas a few weeks ago. She’s pregnant, of course, so she’ll be giving birth to an anchor baby in a few months that the taxpayers of Worthington will then be forced to subsidize, literally from the cradle to the grave.

According to the Washington Post, many of the illegal alien kids like this “heroic” girl cannot read in their own native language, and many don’t even know how to hold a pencil. This young woman who is about to give birth doesn’t know if she’ll ever see the father of her baby again, who she ditched back in Guatemala in order to sneak into America.

And for some reason, the dwindling population of Americans in Worthington are infuriated that their community has been diversified by hundreds of illegal alien kids like this pregnant Guatemalan. Bigots!

The Washington Post was shocked when a local school bus driver told them that he hopes ICE raids the local meat packing plant again one day soon, in order to thin the herd of illegal aliens a little bit. The Post isn’t worried, though. All of us bigoted white Americans in flyover country will be outnumbered soon enough.

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