What Is QAnon?

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President Trump is in hot water with the media once again. He didn’t immediately dismiss and degrade QAnon in a press conference so now they are raking him over the coals. You know better than to take anything the media says seriously, but we’ll go down this rabbit hole. It’s surprisingly informative.

According to ABC “News”, QAnon is a conspiracy theory that alleges pizzagate was a real thing. Back in the day, when WikiLeaks published all of Hillary Clinton’s campaign managers emails, there were a weird amount of sexual references about pizza and children by Democrat elites. It led many to believe several top Democrats were involved with sex trafficking and pedophilia. The Wayfair child sex trafficking story from a month back got roped into this as well. ABC News also reported that QAnon supporters believe President Trump is secretly fighting and attempting to expose these top officials involved in child sex trafficking, even though he said he isn’t sure what the group is all about.

Do you see what they did? They made a hodgepodge of a bunch of different ideas and threw them together to brand them all with the infamous QAnon name. That way, if you mention any malicious activity from the government or powerful people, you can be called a QAnon crazy and they can dismiss what you say.

The left is trying to brand the notion of a deep state as insane QAnon conspiracy nonsense. The same goes for complaints against malicious and biased media. It’s all to discredit the real conspiracies that actually take place. Pretty soon, “Epstein didn’t kill himself” will be added to the QAnon list.

Then, they tried to blame President Trump for the QAnon theory itself. Things sure get interesting when you have no scruples or logic.


Here are the facts about all of this. A bunch of people in the FBI and Department of Justice literally did conspire and did perform illegal surveillance of the Trump Campaign. We know that Joe Biden himself was involved, as he was the one who suggested unmasking Michael Flynn. That means the deep state conspiracy went all the way to the top of our government.

We also know that a bunch of wealthy and powerful people were tied to Epstein’s sex trafficking. We know that his “suicide” was the most ridiculous set of “coincidences” in history. We also know that President Trump is standing against the deep state and if fighting hard against human trafficking. He famously banned Epstein from his Mar-A-Lago club when he saw inappropriate behavior.

That means that QAnon is really the media trying to conflate real conspiracies and President Trump’s real efforts against human sex trafficking with nonsense they found in the dregs of the internet somewhere.

QAnon might be crazy. It’s also not a real conspiracy theory. A handful of people meming about it doesn’t mean there’s a widespread belief in this strange mix of ideas. This is really the left’s attempt to discredit accusations against Obama, Biden and Democrats with nonsense.

It doesn’t matter if pizzagate was a real thing. What matters is that the deep state and sex traffickers have both been caught red-handed. President Trump is fighting both admirably, and the media is trying to cover for these monsters with their QAnon nonsense.

The problem for the left is they tip their hands too early. They buy into their own nonsense, and they develop a bunch of key phrases that let you know what is really happening. Just like you can roll your eyes whenever you hear the word “problematic,” you can immediately dismiss anyone who tries to tell you that QAnon is an issue. It’s a made-up media conspiracy theory that is intended to gaslight and deflect — nothing more.

3 thoughts on “What Is QAnon?”

  1. There is no deep state, unless you’re taking about the foreign powers that own trump. If you think there’s some conspiracy from liberals it’s time to hit that reset button. Projection and displacement is a real thing and you’ve picked the wrong side. You are the bad guys and the cowboy in the white hat is going to be fighting trump.

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