Why Don’t We Know Anything About the January 6 Capitol Kerfuffle Yet?

It’s been more than a month now since millions of Donald Trump supporters peacefully protested what they rightly see as a corrupted electoral process. The peaceful protests of January 6 have been dubbed a “new 9-11” attack on our nation by Democrats and the media. Another Pearl Harbor. A day that will live in infamy!

Question: If it’s such an important day in American history, why don’t we know anything about it yet? It’s been a month!

We knew who the 9-11 hijackers were – by name – within 24 hours of the planes hitting the Twin Towers. We knew very quickly that Stephen Paddock had carried out the mass shooting in Las Vegas a couple of years ago, even though the FBI never told us a motive or whether the guy even carried out the attack by himself or with someone else. At least we had some details.

The only thing we know about the January 6 peaceful protests is that the Biden regime is working to round the protesters up and throw them in federal prison for 10 years for sedition. Even that raises more questions than answers.

We know exactly when Donald Trump’s speech ended on January 6, because it was all over the internet and TV in real time. We also know (now) that the Capitol was actually “breached” by protesters before Donald Trump finished speaking. How much earlier did this happen? This seems like an important question, since Trump is being impeached for supposedly “inciting an insurrection.”

Fallen police officer Brian Sicknick was lying in repose in the Capitol Rotunda last week. We were initially told that Sicknick was “murdered” by rioters. The story kept changing. We were told that he was clubbed in the back of the head with a brick, which was later changed to a fire extinguisher. Then the autopsy found no signs of blunt force trauma.

I mean no disrespect to Officer Sicknick or his family, but these seem like important details that we have a right to know, since his death is being used to accuse the peaceful protesters of his murder. How did Sicknick actually die?


For that matter, how many cops were actually hurt during the protest in question? After BLM and Antifa staged more than 700 violent riots in American cities in 2020, we always had an accounting of this on the morning after. X amount of police officers were hurt the night before. We saw some amazing news reports after the January 6 peaceful protest that one police officer had lost an eye, and another one had been stabbed with a fence post. These appear to have been lies, and we’ve never been told exactly how many cops were injured, what the status of those injuries were, whether they were hospitalized, or anything else.

This is incredibly strange for a large, public event like this. There’s just no official data to be found. We don’t even know exactly how many Trump supporters died in the protest. Was it 2? Or 3? Or 7?

Speaking of which, here’s another question. Is it approved departmental policy of the Capitol police to shoot an unarmed housewife in the neck and kill her, in order to quell a “riot?” If it is an approved policy, why were no unarmed housewives shot in the neck during the BLM riots in 2020? If it is not an approved policy, why has the officer who shot Ashley Babbitt to death on January 6 not been charged with a crime? Why has his identity not been released?

And I may go to hell for asking this next question, but since we cannot trust anything that the people in charge are telling us, here goes: Did the officer who shot Ashley to death at the Capitol have the last name Sicknick? That would be a rather odd coincidence, no?

Finally, how many firearms did the cops confiscate from the dangerous insurrectionists who were trying to topple the US government on January 6? If the answer is zero, and we’re all pretty sure that it was zero, then what was the planned mechanism by which the alleged insurrectionists hoped to enforce their insurrection? If they were all unarmed, then how exactly was this an “insurrection?”

Why don’t we know the answers to all these questions, after all this time? It’s sort of like the election results in Michigan, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Arizona and Wisconsin. No one in officialdom seems to want to lift up that rock and look underneath it, because they know they won’t like the answers that they find.

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99 thoughts on “Why Don’t We Know Anything About the January 6 Capitol Kerfuffle Yet?”

  1. Very interesting questions that need to be answered. However, I doubt that this “transparent” administration will be giving us answers any time soon. Another question may be who planned this insurrection.

    1. I believe it was a set up by the far left. They stopped the Congress momentarily then they proceeded for a few minutes
      Then came back told them they could take cover under their seats. One of the Antifa members was photographed talking to
      Pelosi son in law. And if you search Antifa it takes you to the White House.

      1. Antifa and BLM had both said months prior to the election that they were going to dress up as Trump supporters and infiltrate. I heard that the night before busloads of these organizations were escorted in by the police. I can see that some would get caught up in the emotions and think that what happened was part of the plan, but violence is not what was supposed to happen. Peacefully and patriotically protesting, using our first amendment rights. I agree with you.

        1. Hey Tammy, you are so right, these Antifa and BLM animals were sent in by the bus loads and on planes PAID FOR BY THE FILTHY DEMOCRATS to start the riot. Some right wing extremists joined in and we have to accept that as the truth. We’ll never know the truth, the Deep State will prevail as they did in the stolen election. I’m curious if the regular Democrats that voted for Biden, (not the dead ones or illegals) will realize the mistake they made before the become angry enough with his destructive policies and demand that Biden resign along with Pelosi and Schumer. There might be enough true Americvans in the Democratic Party to demand it. LOL!

          1. Wonder how many citizens it takes signing a petition to impeach Biden, Pelosi, Schitt, Schumer, Nader and McConnell? Let’s get someone well versed to create a petition and post on the WH gov’t site and let the public be aware so we can all sign. I signed one for Obozo and believe it or not got a reply that it’s not going to happen. Probably weren’t enough signatures or was a Dimwit reading and responding.

      2. I came across an article saying Biden used Antifa to attack Trump. Ironically, another article said Antifa are now attacking Biden! Another article said Pelosi knew there were going to be militants attacking the Capital days BEFORE the riots, but did nothing about it! I’m betting it was to give her a chance to attack Trump.

        1. Antifa is largely made up of anarchists, who by definition are Anarchist against any authority, established order, or ruling power.
          They don’t discriminate, they hate all authority.

        2. Eighty year old Pelosi needs to be thrown out of Government. She is a insurrectionist, a has been, and a detractor to our Democracy. It’s time for term limits and a shooting revolution.

          1. EASY THERE charlie, don’t get your knickers too knotted up. We got lots of wrongs to right, but hold back on the shooting! unless you wuz referring to “shooting’ off U’r mouth. Things need to start at the Local level. Every local county or precinct needs to be dad gum sure they got HONEST people working the election polling place(s) and having responsible observers to see that everything is on strait up and up. States need to follow same. And every state needs to demand and enforce[by the vote] term limits on every senator or congressmember. States can do most of cleanup if the local citizens got the gumption for doing it.

      3. Mary you are 100% correct!! I believe the riot at the capitol building was set up by the demon-rats to make Trump look like he ordered the riot. We know he did not do that…the evil left hired these low life scum to come out of their septic tanks to go to the capitol building to trash it and make it look like Trump people. My grand-daughter was at the rally and said in no way did Trump ask for violence. The evil left knew of the rally and sent their scum there to make trouble…. Mark my words….someday the truth will be known, but sadly after the evil left destroys our country it will be too late…

      4. Curiously I watched film of the riots and noticed somethings I had never seen at a Trump Rally. People with backpacks and helmets. That what first made me think it might disguised Antifa radicals.

        1. Republicans in senate and congress, listen to the voters and ask these questions!! We deserve answers and they need to be published answers.
          I have to ask, but if Ashlie had been black would there still been no investigation? Not asking to seem racist. I would expect an investigation no matter whom the capital police shot, especially in that manner and situation. But where is the outrage from the media ? Would they not want to continue their defund the police? Interesting that the defund had support amongst the dumbocraps but they spent millions of OF OUR TAXPAYERS DOLLARS to build a WALL in dc and bring in the guard from EVERY state. Sounds like maybe they backed off this lie to the people as well.
          Republicans find your intestinal fortitude and press for answers everyday. Truthful answers!

          1. Wake up America. They are all one party, the self enrichment party putting on a show for the American People. STRICT term limits are the best way to break up this 2 party system Designed to pit Americans against Americans.

    2. We won’t know who or how many groups were involved ( The intelligence office of the Capital police say there was at least 5, but won’t say who they are ) until this administration is out of office, and/or there is a different leadership in Both houses of Congress no longer under control of the Swamp/ Deep State, as the present administration does not want the public to know the truth. Between the state run media and the Nazi take over of our Government we may never know.

      1. As we found out in the 4 years of President Trump it won’t matter if Republicans take both chambers of Congress, they are a big part of the problem.

      2. There you go with thinking there was “INTELLIGENCE” there……. First Who authorized removal of Capitol Barricades and why did the Capitol Police open up the doors to let protesters in….. Why also when informed that a mass of over THOUSANDS of protesters were marching on to the capitol, were not fully staffed and prepared to keep OUR NATIONAL CAPITOL safe,,,, IT WAS a planned and well executed staged event to throw more crap on our duly elected president,,,, Whether you believe or not the election was stolen matters not, what is important the Dems want to make this the LAST FREE ELECTION IN THIS COUNTRY….. Packing Supreme Court, giving DC state hood, and giving Puerto Rico state hood would give the Dems another four (4) seats in the senate…..that my folks was the plan but the American people are NOT AS STUPID as the Derms think and this will go through…… VOTE EVERY DEM out of office at mi-term election, start with congress and the Coupe Senate seats and in 2024 remove the rest of them via YOUR VOTES… TIME FOR REPULICANS AND INDEPENDENTS TO WAKE UP….

          1. We need an accounting of the 2020 election and the accurate results published. I think we should demand a recount of every vote no matter how long it takes and all votes that came in after polls closed need to be discarded along with votes that came from people who did not live in areas they voted in .THIS ELECTION NEEDS TO BE AUDITED BUT THE DEMORATS WILL NEVER ALLOW THAT.

        1. Thank You and the other posters here!!!
          Nancy Pelosi, being Speaker of the House, I believe that the Security of Capitol Hill is Her Responsibility.. As you said the Capitol Police Let people in!!!
          Pelosi knew there was chance of violence/riots… FBI knew… so why did they “Drop their Guard”? ..Exactly as You said.. so they could Attack Trump… AGAIN!!!!!
          The Demoncrats have been attacking Trump since BEFORE he was even Inaugurated as President 4 years ago ..and haven’t stopped yet! They also didn’t Do anything for the American people during that time. Tried to impeach him twice… didn’t pass Corona relief bill they say they wanted $1.9 Trillion last year.. even when Trump finally topped their offer to $2-2.1 Trillion , last year right before the election.
          The Demoncrats have been too busy playing power plays to care about small businesses and out of work Americans.
          Another poster addressed the issue of Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico as states to add 4 more Democrat senators. The Global Elites .. hard at work..the stock market and all their Assets are all skyrocketting while inflation is decimating the people(even those who still have a livelihood).
          They need to be accountable..so What really happened Jan. 6 th?
          The Fake News will Never Tell Us The Truth… About…A N Y T H I N G!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. The truth will not be shared with the American people. Having only the information that came from what was put forward in personal video, and first hand accounts, coupled with what can be seen between the lines of the BS fed us by MSM , what I see is a set up. There are even more questions than presented above, and this whole thing smells badly. Just like the election there are many questions, and evidence that you and I will not be privy to. The fall of America however is plain to see for anyone who will just open their eyes and put 2 and 2 together.

    4. You can bet piglosi was involved as well as her top cronies. These idiots are dangerous and will stop at nothing to gain power. Money or to take down trump.

      1. You said loud and clear. Why was the riots all over the country this past summer down played. That was far worse than the Capitol protests. Those protests all over the Country were because of criminals that resisted arrest. The were thugs drug addicts, criminal records. AND LOOK WHAT IS HAPPENENIING POLICE ARE NOT ALOUD TO ARREST BLACK PEOPLE.

        1. You mentioned riots, is it strange or just me that the riots are as far from DC as u can get and still b in US. ( most of the riots)

    5. It’s obvious that the DemonRats are going all out, full bore for communism and their “bible” is Karl Marx’s “Communist Manifesto.” They are out to overthrow our Constitutional Republic and tolerate no opposition. The super rich elite care nothing about money, only the power it gives them. In fact, if our government is ever overthrown then their – and our – money will be worthless.

    6. Public knowledge that Pres. Trump was speaking well before the people came to the rally at the capitol. Videos show them coming in 4 or 5 buses, escorted by 5 police cars; getting off and went to the rally. Other videos show capitol police moving the bike racks and waving people in. Also another officer in the building is leading them down a hallway. A French reporter was blaming a capitol police officer. He said at 10 am he and others were sent home, leaving only a handful. Video on YOUTUBE; taken down, may be on OAN.



    8. History lesson: Hitler did the very same thing back in the thirties. He set up people of his “ilk” to dress like the enemy and sent them in to riot and kill and blamed the opposition. It’s funny how it was done right under our noses and we let it happen. There will never be any accountability because they have everyone in their pockets.

    9. You brought up a great question. FBI keeps saying they have proof this was planned long before January 6th. There is video proof that a lot of this was clearly staged. Why did CNN have professional camera crews following these alleged Trump supporters? CNN hates Trump

    10. Did Pelosi really organize it with some of her Antifa friends?
      She seemed to know about it in advance and made sure no extra police or National
      Guards were there.

  2. This is not the America that it started out to be demo-rates changed all that they hate American they like to use our money to give away to other country. You would think since we pay them that they would be working for us. If you don’t work for people then your fired.

    1. Nancy Pelosi and her twin Maxine waters have to be the most hated women in America. T Pelosi and her followers harrassed president trump the entire 4 years of his presidency. They are sick. It sickens me they are still in office.

  3. I’m glad someone else is raising the questions I’ve been asking myself.
    Where is the review of the shooting? And has anyone been charged in the officers death?
    More questions then answers.
    As always.

    1. Have we had any eye witness reports from Trump supporters, about the Antifa infiltrators?
      Conspiracy theory?: The attack was set up by the Demoncrats. It seems 100% certain, to any rational mind.

  4. something else to sweep under the rug! The FBI most likely knows but since they are part of the swamp they will not say anything since it might hurt sleepy JOEs feeling!

  5. I saw AOC say she had E-mails a week or so before Jan 6 saying there would be problems. What did Pelosi know? Capital police called for help. He was turned down. Pelosi is totally to blame for lack of protection. AOC’s and Pelosi’s computers need to be looked at…

  6. Mount Shag – my new term for all the crap being swept under the rug. Also refers to what Dems have done to Americans.


  7. The Democratic Executives are less than honest, inb fact they are very dishonest and will never tell the American People the truth if it is a failure or prefab malfesence on their part.
    Lets vote them out of office when we get the chance. The Dominion voting system stil lies.

  8. For most crimes, we are told to “follow the money.” The only money involved in this event is who got paid to riot and who didn’t. But, I question what the goal truly was. We know the event was pre-planned, including the money paid to the few Antifa and BLM actors and bombs placed the night before. We know these people has a reason to plan and act. There are two sides to this political event. Republicans held a planned political rally that day. Republican legislators had just begun to challenge the 2020 election on the floor of the House. This event disrupted that challenge. So Republicans didn’t benefit. Who benefited? Democrats! This event shut down the challenge. But, the event obviously got more violent than Democrats imagined. So, Democrats are now creating political theater about their “fear.” Follow the money! Find who paid some of the rioters. That will tell us who organized the event.

  9. I think it’s fairly obvious this did not have a whole lot to do with the Trump rally. It was an opportunity for lunes and lefties to infiltrate and blame Trump supporters. It was planned. Who planned it FBI? Was it funded by Democratic party to do what it did? Disrupt congressmen and women objecting to the elector vote when so many states sent dual electors? I saw a list of names of people who were initially arrested, maybe 25, only 3 said anything about Trump in their interviews. We heard several known BLM people and ANTIFA were on that list. Damn I wish we had an investigative media instead of propagandist mouth pieces.

  10. Obama paid a lot of money to install JB, he wasn’t about to lose what he has finally achieved.
    He is a sneak thief and we should continue to expose lies when ever we see crimes being committed. I know there are people out there that know the truth.

  11. How can the Demoncrats claim a “fair and free election” with “no evidence of voter fraud” when talking about Biden’s “win” and in the same breath yell “massive voter fraud” when trying to overthrow all lesser races won by Conservatives? Talk about some feces eating 2-faced LIARS.

  12. No proof, not validated, but I saw or heard that the FBI arrested the leader of the Proud Boys in hopes of impeding the Jan 6 Washington riot, this I believe I saw in a NYT’s report like on Jan. 3 or 4. So if they (FBI) knew something was up why not beef up security, just in case. Or was it that they were trying to stop the Proud Boy’s from interfering with Antifa thugs?
    Second, again just something I saw in passing, but the cop that shot the unarmed woman, was an immigrant from Brazil, with ties to BLM, and wrote on social media how he would like to shoot a Trump Supporter. Again nothing actually with hard cold facts, maybe someone just trying to start up misdirection rumors.

      1. And why was she escorted out of the Capitol complex while Mike Pence – the VP – was hunkered down in a room…

  13. I know Trump supporters would never do so many acts of violence. We all believe in the rule of law. Makes me wonder about the liberals. They have an agenda and will do anything to achieve it. How long will it be till we have had enough and really fight back, we may not have a choice if we want our country back. The liberals need to be careful.

  14. As long as we have the current Nazi regime in power we will never know the REAL truth! TOO many agencies and greedy power hungry subhumans involved! I don’t think even President Trump had any idea how deep this corruption had spread when he was TRYING to drain the swamp!
    Trump and his supporters went to DC that day to” peacefully ” picket against the voter fraud and demand answers. It was a set up against them from day one!! But I’m happy there are people still demanding answers for the betrayal of our once great nation on that unforgettable day…

  15. I saw an interview with Obuma and he was bragging about his 2 daughters organizing BLM riots,then attending them with masks on to hide there identity.I guess you can figure out why the news doesn’t report on the riots.I also think you can guess who had the pallets of bricks delivered to these non violent protests.

  16. Government knows who is to blame, but no one wants to accuse another and make them accountable for their evil behavior, it is easier to blame a good person like President Trump.
    DC Full of corruption power doesn’t lie in controlling people, it is in leading people, and following God’s Law, not man made laws that are different for democrats vs. republicians, as demon-crats can do no wrong however can’t even follow the rules they are forcing us to follow. they are also out for self and not the people. republicans for the most people are out to serve the people who they represent to make life better for all regardless of color, creed, religion. WAKE UP AMERICA We were a Nation of Truth and Justice and Law, until 45 yrs or so ago, now it is lock up the innoncent people and let the evil corrupt murders, rapist out of jail to have a free life to commit crimes again. TRUMP is INNONCENT but they fear him because he does good things for people. Like to see all senate, house and congress work FREE and donate their pay to their charity. but we’d have fewer make it a life time career, even thou there are term limits no one has enforced them.

    1. TC,
      Look up Amendment 23 that was passed in 1987 by President Trump. It stopped “life-time” positions in government, made all Congress, Senate, and House of Representatives USE the same Obamacare they are forcing down our throats. AND any money they made outside of the USA illegally HAD to go back into the Social Security fund. I don’t know why President Trump did not enforce this law.

      1. What, in 1987 Reagan was president, the 23rd amendment was passed in 1961 and it gave DC citizens the ability to vote in presidential elections, and also gave electors to DC!

  17. I’ve asked the same questions of our states two largest newspapers and of course my letters were not printed or responded to. Of course both of these papers are liberal supporters of anything the Democrats say and do so I am not surprised. Thank you for this. Who are the other people that were killed, don’t they deserve some respect too?

  18. Something has bothered me ever since the so call insurrection. It doesn’t make sense to me why Trump supporters who cause an insurrection when they knew there were Senators inside the capital building supporting President Trump on the fraud that occurred on November 3rd. These supporters were there for their voices to be heard in support of the Senators who was trying to get an investigation into the the states that changed the voting rules at the last minute. Why would Trump supporters stop this from happening? I really do not think they would have. On the other hand, the other side would have. They stop the process and even got Senators to change their mind on the improprieties of the election. In turn excepting the electoral vote of Biden. Does any of this make sense?

    1. Debbie Ehrhart, your logic is right on point. Trump SUPPORTERS would NOT do something to stop the process which was about to unfold in the Senate chamber ; as the challenge of the slate of electoral college voters from the first key state was just getting underway. It was ONLY DEMOCRATS who could BENEFIT from such a riot !!! The meeting was specifically for the purpose of allowing debate over the “regular” appointment of the slate of voters ; during which meeting the evidence of election fraud was to be presented for consideration ; for which the potential result of that meeting was that the Senators could have decided to disallow the illegally appointed slate to be dismissed and the alternate slate of Electors be given recognition as legitimate, OR ; the matter could be referred back to the LEGISLATURE of that state for the LEGISLATORS’ decision of what slate of Electors to recognize as legitimate ; such that THOSE Electors’ votes would be legitimately COUNTED !!! This processed is not only “supported” by the U.S. Constitution ; it is SPECIFICALLY DESCRIBED as the AUTHORIZED REMEDY for this particular problem !!!!!
      The probability is that “Antifa” demonstrators, DISGUISED AS TRUMP SUPPORTERS, with flags, etc. ; were that group from those bus loads intentionally admitted inside the barriers by the Capitol Police – AS SEEN CLEARLY IN VIDEOS FROM THE SCENE – who committed the break-in through a window ; while the red haired man shouted to the crowd to “Go ahead ; this is what Trump wants you to do !!!” THAT MAN has been recognized and identified from videos of Antifa riots back during the summer riots of 2020 !!!
      Tom S.

  19. It was a SET UP!!! It was all a ruse to make Trump look bad so they could INSTALL Biden and hope the American people are TOO STUPID to notice! Half are! I think now however even some on the Left are questioning HOW IN THE HELL is this senile incompetent IDIOT President? Communism is HERE folks!

  20. There’s no way creepy uncle Joe managed to gain more votes then any presidential candidate in US history. The man fumbled around in his basement making gaffs for months. No one can ever convince me that fraud wasn’t involved. Way to convenient for the known cheaters and lying commies.

  21. They haven’t found the one true Trump supporter who was in the mob, so they can blame US for the mayhem. This whole thing is being run by Barrack Biden and Joe Obama. Joe’s to stupid to have organized this and Kamaltoes isn’t much brighter, Have you noticed her always in the back ground a little off to the side and another male guard on the other side of dopy Joe ?

  22. Under Democrat control the public will be kept in the dark, fed lies by the their propaganda arm the MSM. We suffered 8 yrs of it with Obama, now more with Biden the Mafia Boss. Voting was destroyed by the Democrats, if there truly was no fraud than why are they fighting so hard to prevent all evidence and investigations One Reason Only They Know It Was Fraud And They Have To Cover It Up. There old game nothing to see hear NO QUESTIONS ALLOWED

  23. The reason we don’t know all the facts yet is because it takes time to make up “plausible deniability” & cover your ass completely, leaving nothing to chance! This is what commiecrats & the Criminalocracy do best, but be patient, America, & rest assured they will get it done! After all, it’s their best thing! Morons!

  24. It was the neo nazi group. They wanted to kill pence and people in congress. They have camps all over United States. Article I read saw the pix one arrested. Saw all photos it’s out there. How come they didn’t put in all papers is beyond me. It came out in the globe last week front page. Inside big article.the newspaper’s r paid off and news to keep info from us but this paper can not be paid off.evidently and maybe people shd start buying this paper. This shd have been all over the place so we Americans find out the truth.

    1. The CommieCrats have no intention of allowing us to find out the truth until it is too late to do anything about it. Our lamestream media are accomplices in this. In fact, we should not be surprised at the media because something like their propaganda has happened before. When Stalin became Soviet Dictator in 1929, our media adored the ground he walked on. They said thet he was incapable of doing wrong (the starvation deaths of millions of Ukranians notwithstanding) and even wanted him to come here and show us how to run a government. The second bloodiest butcher in history – second only to Mao – and our media loved him; they even liked Hitler as long as he was Stalin’s ally! In a way, Hitler did us a favor by attacking Russia as the media supported us against Hitler.

  25. The NYT answered the “timing” question in a recent article: the actual “assault” began 20 mins. BEFORE Trump’s speech ended, and the people that marched to the Capitol after his speech arrived 50 mins. after the “assault” began. So much for “incitement….”

  26. I think that whoever shot and killed Ashley Babbit should be made to pay himself. This was a vet of the U.S. Air Force, just that alone should be enough to make sure justice is served. Pelosi is no better.

  27. It was the first “shot” of the American Revoluton, incited by the Killing of George Floyd–In the action you can see the people are tired of the Oppression of the elitist pigs, who have destroyed everything they have touched-The DNC had to blame somebody, Trump was a convenient party to use for a A”Pignata” -The Washington Criminals are shaking in their boots, No This was not another Pearl Harbor Chucky-Boy- 9-11was another Pearl Harbor
    where these same Neo-Cons murdered 3900 of our countrymen –and openly laugh about it
    Its past time to clean the entire rats’ nest out.

  28. No one has been charged with Ashley Babbitt’s shooting because Ashley Babbit is not dead. Watch the video. If you know anything about trajectory you can see the gun turn at the last minute. There’s no way she was hit! All fake.

    1. Fred, that is an interesting comment. Was she part of that set-up? I think I saw the video of the shot, and her falling back. (Probably the video has been taken down as too graphic).Who stands to gain from this apparent shooting?

  29. We may never know the truth about the so called capital riot. The longer the facts are hidden the more the left can lie with abandon.

  30. Anyone remember the “Fast & Furious” Gun running scheme that the Oscuma admin. got caught in, when a boarder patrol officer was shot & killed by one of the rifles the Oscuma/holder & crooked ATF supplied to the cartels. Holder took the hit for Oscuma during the investigation ( meaning nothing happened, except to the ATF whistle blower) The dead officers family sued the gov. account he was killed due to gov. negligence & cover up. It is VERY plausible the Dems. in office put the capitol scenario into play as well. The Capitol Police waving in the antifa & blm dressed as trump supporters is the tell tale evidence anyone needs to figure it out.

    1. There are so many messages here I didn’t read them, so far. I’m wondering if it is said, “Video taken by people at the rally showed 4 or 5 buses escorted by 5 police cars. They got off and were sent to the rally Other videos showed capital police moved the bike racks and waving people in. also another officer in the building leading them down a hallway. A French reporter spoke to a capitol police officer, blaming him for the assault on the capitol building and he said at 10 A.M. he had been sent home along with many others leaving only a handful. Originally on YOUTUBE. Look on OAN for these videos.

  31. They (Pelosi) only want their side heard , how about the democrats that called for revolution to remove Trump. Why do they not answer that Question first. It’s a one sided try to put all blame on Trump and not having to address their one members.

  32. Funny, Damn straight. Scumbags oscumba and punkass holder. Behind fast furious. Treason. Just like polosi and Schumer. I believe they headed riot in dc. Wait til illeagles get here, the new ones. They won’t be able to get thru the wall around wh

  33. Well, the reason there are no answered as to whom the rioters were is because they are the same people that have been rioting all summer. Backed by the Demorats. They wanted an issue to impeachment President Trump. The FBI knows who they are, they arrested about 60 of them. Not hard to figure out what is going on here. Bombs were placed the night before, busses full of these rioters were brought in the night before. Go figure. It doesn’t change .

  34. Maybe few will read this this far down in the comments, but I must inquire. Is there actually an investigation going on to determine who did what that day? Wouldn’t you think it reasonable to wait for the outcome of such an investigation before pointing fingers at President Trump as the House has done? The whole affair stinks of swamp water. Do we even have a Constitutional Republic anymore?

  35. To many unanswered–LEGITIMATE questions—–Republicans need to stand up and demand the answers—-dig for the answers—–then push the answers out there!!!!!!!!!!—–IT CAN BE DONE—–NO EXCUSES!!!!!

  36. We all know the quote un quote “insurrection” was the leftist/dems/Antifa/BLM hoping to screw us 75-80 million normal hard working tax paying loyal patriots who are Trump Supporters.
    How’d you like it Piglosi and dimwit AOC (who wasn’t even there, but claims she was going to be murdered) when the thugs come knocking on your door/place of business to riot, but you do NOTHING for months on end when cities are being destroyed by BLM/Antifa rioters.

  37. Easy. If the facts were known, there could be no show trial on president trump. The insurrection over the last four years by the fascist party (formerly known as the democrat party), their black shirts (the Orwellian named antifa), the blm racists, will not be successful.

  38. I was initially real pissed off that President Trump supporters would act and behave like democrat people. Now it looks like it was in fact democrats. Republicans are too “Grown Up” to behave like childish democrats!

  39. The Congress, Nancy Pelosi as head, are in charge of The Capital Police – not DC, but Capital. They had plenty of warning as to what would transpire – did nothing. She stood in front of the Country with sorrow & indignation over what was done. How come, no one has asked her why she didn’t do more to prevent it as she knew many were coming.

  40. If this had been an insurrection every one of those capitol police persons would have been ziplocked and left on the floor to be trampled. Instead the police were guiding people around the building, walking around with the crowd.

  41. Such a setup of lies!
    Explain to me the woman that was shot in the riot when and where she was buried. Just saw a video of them placing fake blood pack in her hand and someone else rubbing blood on her. Blood flowing the wrong direction and she was even smiling. Then a week or so later she was spotted in a small town close by walking around.

  42. What a better way to take the hole country’s attention away from what started this so call major tragedy election or create a devotion election/capital both very bad what got all the attention all the attention nothing but

  43. am i the only one who saw congressmen reach under their seat and pull out a gas mask? do they usually keep gas masks in chambers? Why did Nancy refuse extra security? just wondering

  44. The Dems have just successfully committed what appears to be fraud against an entire country and got an inept, incompetent pair elected to the most powerful positions in the world. Now they can easily cover-up, refute, plausible deny, or lie about anything with impunity and without fear reprisals. What good is being a dictator if you can’t flex your muscles ? They rule the roost. Hopefully, not for long. Our liberty is at stake.

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