You’ll Never Guess What George Floyd Did When He Was Arrested Last Year

After reading this, you’re going to start to wonder what else the accused woman beater, former Vice Chair of the Democrat Party and current Attorney General of Minnesota Keith Ellison is hiding from the public. We have new information to report in the George Floyd case in Minneapolis. We don’t have this info because the media suddenly did its job to try to help the country quell the ongoing riots. We only know it because it was entered as evidence in the murder trial of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin, who would understandably prefer not to spend the rest of his life in prison over George Floyd.

Keith Ellison and the garbage media have been slow-walking any information about Chauvin’s trial, because otherwise everyone might realize that the entire summer of Black Lives Matter riots have been an utterly pointless election-year stunt. How many small businesses do you suppose were destroyed between George Floyd’s death over Memorial Day weekend, and the day when someone in the Minnesota AG’s office finally leaked the police bodycam videos in frustration with Ellison in August?

We’ve written extensively about the George Floyd case and the fact that his death was most likely his own fault. Floyd took a dose of Fentanyl and other drugs that was about three times the fatal limit for a normal person. He was screaming that he couldn’t breathe while the police were not touching him at all. He was exhibiting all of the symptoms of a case of excitable delirium, a medical condition which hard drug addicts enter into as their heart is in the process of failing.

Keith Ellison waited weeks before even releasing the toxicology report that showed that George Floyd had a huge amount of drugs in his system. Wouldn’t it have been nice for the country to know that on the first of June?


Now Derek Chauvin’s trial has entered the evidentiary phase, and Chauvin’s attorneys have entered a fascinating item as evidence: A police incident report from when George Floyd was arrested in May of 2019, almost a year before his death to the date.

It’s pretty fascinating and it’s a quick read if you want to check it out yourself HERE.

On May 6, 2019, George Floyd was in the process of selling a large amount of narcotics. When the cops approached him, guess what George Floyd did?

He shoved the drugs in his mouth and swallowed them. Police say that during that encounter with George Floyd, he used “diversionary tactics” like crying and acting irrationally. For an example of what this probably looked like, go back and watch the police bodycam footage of George Floyd’s encounter with police earlier this summer.

Floyd was then transported to Hennepin County Medical Center where he was treated by the hospital for “accidental drug ingestion.” Accidental, except for of course, the part where he swallowed the drugs intentionally. But whatever.

As he was being treated, Floyd informed the doctors saving his life in that incident that he “snorts oxycodone daily.” He told them that he had bad hypertension but wasn’t taking anything for it. George Floyd also cried a lot and told doctors he was upset because he’d been using opiates every day for the past 18 months, and now the cops were accusing him of selling drugs for some reason.

That 2019 incident sounds remarkably similar to George Floyd’s behavior in 2020, doesn’t it? We don’t know this for certain, but it sounds like he may have swallowed his drugs back on Memorial Day weekend this year when the cops came to talk to him. But instead of getting him to the hospital in time to save his life – as they did in the very similar incident in 2019 – it killed him this time. The ambulance didn’t get there in time for George Floyd this year. The second time was not a charm.

We already knew about the armed robbery that George Floyd went to prison over in the early 2000s, when he disguised himself as a utility worker and held a gun to his pregnant victim’s womb. George Floyd was a serious drug addict and he was also Trouble with a capital ‘T.’ The guy was a career criminal. Guys who “snort oxycodone daily” aren’t exactly known for holding down steady jobs, so they deal drugs, rob and steal to pay for their habit.

We’ve had nearly 600 riots in American cities this summer, supposedly over George Floyd. Liberals gave the guy three funerals. And yet our wildly incurious media continues to help Minnesota Attorney General and Antifa supporter Keith Ellison cover up the facts of this case. We’d better be prepared for more riots, because the way that Derek Chauvin’s case is going so far, the judge is likely to throw the murder charge out completely.

10 thoughts on “You’ll Never Guess What George Floyd Did When He Was Arrested Last Year”

  1. It is very sad! This country has been blessd
    above and beyond!
    But the enemy the devil ( the father of lies)
    came to rob, murder and destroy) and he did win up to a certain extent! We are responsible for it! So, we should be vigilant
    to fight against the devil, be humble before God, turn away from our wicked ways, and seek God’s face! God will answer our prayer,
    and He is able to give back everything that the dvil has taken from us and Almighty God will heal our land from this pancmic (Corona).

  2. Cop did the world a favor when they cracked that neck, had to find sympathy for career criminals.
    Old saying, live by the sword die with boot on your neck!!!

  3. It is a major exposure of the liberal media who created outrage, and already tried and committed these police. This media is also on trial here. The evidence in this case will totally show the complete ignorance of the press, the professional athletes, the Hollywood entertainers, and the liberal politicians. This BLM movement is fueled by rich liberals and is being conducted by the criminal element. It is only using racism to cover up criminal behavior.

    1. Of course statistics tell the tale. Not the witness of an actual televised murder seen by the entire world. What is wrong with you people?!

  4. What’s so hard to understand BLM & Antiva are run and funded by eval people around the world to destroy America, these two organizations where formed to destroy this country by division with the simplest trick to suck people into doing their dirty work for them, they just use the Ethnics of a persons to goat you into doing terrible things, they know it’s so easy to sway people this way. If you want to hear the truth of it is up to you to think for yourself. The constitution was formed to unit our country. What does it say ( one Nation Under God ) it takes an effort to make it work, are you brave enough to do the right thing and put an end to terrorizing an robbery and killing, God said return unto Me and I will return unto to you and I will heal your land, try it you just might find that peace your looking for. Give it a thought God will bless you

  5. Why do the police officers have to jump thru hoops to get people to believe them. They put their lives on the line to protect us every day and I
    for one want say THANKS

    1. Yes. Thank you law enforcement. Thank you for showing us a televised murder of a human being to millions of people around the world. Your true blue colors were bound to show.

      1. You really are slow in understanding or you didn’t read the article. George Floyd killed himself with a drug overdose! The media wrongly hyped it up as police wrongdoing and cities have been burning ever since. Get your head it of that warm dark spot and maybe you will be enlightened.

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